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An Update on Mincaye, a Dear Brother and the Former Warrior who Speared to Death Nate Saint and Ed McCully

article June 26, 2019
When I was a brand new Christian in 1969 I heard the story of the five missionary martyrs in Ecuador. Some years ago Steve Saint (Nate Saint’s son) and I became friends. He came to my home church and I interviewed him and Mincaye, the former warrior who speared to death both Nate Saint and Ed McCully. Mincaye came to Christ, and for many years now he has been a transformed man.

Help Us Fund a Translation of Scripture, in Honor of Our Coworker Karen Coleman

article June 29, 2018
We can’t think of a better way to remember Karen’s legacy than to give in her honor towards the translation of Scripture. We were so happy that she learned of our idea just before she died and was able to respond with a smile and nod! So we’re partnering with The Seed Company to help fund the Esimbi project, which will bring God’s Word to 20,000 people who live in isolated areas in Karen’s beloved Cameroon. It's especially appropriate that we choose the Esimbi language project as this is the language group that Karen went to minister to in Cameroon.