Helping Give Children Access to Clean Water Is an Eternal Investment

article - Randy Alcorn Randy's blog
Contrast your investment in “the least of these” with buying an RV, a larger TV, or a high-end vacation, or putting more money into an already ample retirement plan. It’s not that those things are inherently bad; simply consider their temporal nature and the longer lasting, and so eternally beautiful impact of money given to reach the unreached, get clean water to a remote village, or feed hungry children.

Providing Clean, Safe Drinking Water Opens the Door to Sharing about Living Water

article - Scott Linebrink Randy's blog
I love Water Mission, and it’s an organization that Eternal Perspective Ministries is thrilled to support. I asked Scott Linebrink, a Major League baseball pitcher for twelve years who now serves as Partnerships Director for Water Mission, if he would share about why he believes so much in their work to provide communities with clean drinking water. I really appreciate what Scott wrote.

A Doctor Gives a Dying Woman the Gospel Message, and Why We Offer Both Physical and Spiritual Care in Christ’s Name

video - Randy Alcorn Randy's blog
Dr. Geoffrey Moses, serving with his family in a country in West Africa, is a medical missionary who has received loan help through MedSend. They recently sent this short and deeply touching video featuring him. Dr. Moses details what happened when he met a woman in a remote village in Western Africa who had metastatic breast cancer that had gone undiagnosed and untreated.
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