End of the Spear Pictures Part 3

On January 8, 1956 five missionaries were murdered in Ecuador: Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian and Pete Fleming.

An outstanding 40-minute documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor, has interviews with a number of the tribes people who were there, and with all five of the widows. It was filmed just in time since Marylou McCully (wife of Ed McCully) and Marge Saint (wife of Nate Saint) have gone home with the Lord, and Elisabeth Elliot is no longer in physical condition to give an interview.

The major movie which was released in theaters is called End of the Spear. Randy Alcorn has read and endorsed a book of the same title written by Steve Saint (Nate Saint's son). It's fascinating, filling in the gaps in the original story and also telling the incredible story that's happened since then, in which many of the tribe who killed the missionaries have come to Christ.

The following pictures are a collection from the original event in 1956, the documentary (Beyond the Gates of Splendor), the movie (End of the Spear), and the lives of the families since 1956.

50 Years Later: January, 2006 at Jim Elliot's home in Portland, Oregon

Mincaye, Steve Saint, Jim Elliot's parents, Steve McCuly

 Mincaye, Steve Saint, Jim's brother Herb and his wife Colleen, Steve McCully in Jim Elliot's bedroom   


Alcorns, Saints, and Mincaye

 Randy and Nanci Alcorn, Ginny Saint, Mincaye, Steve Saint





Group shot

 Group shot in the Elliot's backyard


Alcorns and McCullys

 Alcorns and McCullys in Jim Elliot's bedroom


Elliot home

Elliot home, January 2006, 50 years later


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