AIDS Index

Number of people who have died of AIDS in the past 20 years: 19 million

Number of people who died in World War I: 14 million


Number of Kenyans who died of AIDS every day: 500

Number of people killed in U.S. school shootings in the past six years: 51


Loss of Silicon Valley high-tech jobs in March-May 2001, economic downturn: 50,000

Number of people infected by the AIDS virus in that same time period: 1,380,000


Odds that a person with HIV/AIDS lives in a developing country: 19 to 1

Ratio of the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa to those in North America: 25 to 1


Percentage of deaths caused by AIDS in Africa: 21

Percentage of deaths caused by breast cancer in the United States: 0.16


Average life expectancy for Botswanans before AIDS: 70

Average life expectancy for Botswanans by the year 2010 because of AIDS: 29


Percentage of teenage boys in Mozambique who could not name one way to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS: 62

Percentage of Americans who said they are not willing to support AIDS prevention and education programs overseas: 61


Percentage of Americans who believe that sex education should be a required school subject: 60

Percentage of Malawi's teachers who are HIV-positive: 30


Chance that a 15-year-old girl in South Africa will contract HIV/AIDS: 1 in 2

Chance that a 15-19-year old girl in the US will give birth: 1 in 17


Average amount Americans spend on tobacco products: $54 billion

Annual cost of treating AIDS patients worldwide: $60 billion