A Divine Appointment

Dear Randy:

You may not remember me, but about 4 years ago you saw me reading a Bible in the Chicago airport on your way home from a conference. You stopped and gave me a copy of your book, Safely Home. I read it and a couple years later wrote you an email telling you how it impacted my life.

Well, now I am writing you again and telling you that Father used your book to begin and grow a passion and love for China in my heart. Now I am an English teacher at a university in China. Without saying much more you can guess what else Father has given me: the chance to share with hundreds of locals who have never heard the good news. I just thought that I'd let you know how Father used your book in my life and how He has led me to a team in China sharing and spreading His story.

Thank you and God bless.
(Name withheld for security reasons)