Safely Home: Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for Safely Home

Safely Home*Note: These questions are also included in the back of each copy of the Anniversary Edition of Safely Home (reprinted July 2011).

1. Describe Ben Fielding’s life and goals prior to coming to China. Compare his life and goals to Li Quan’s. Were the goals met?

2. Ben tried to explain to Ming why his marriage had fallen apart. Ming didn’t understand. She asked Ben, “Do you not face difficulty together, hostility from the world, persecution that makes you stand together?” Ben stated that they had hard times, but that hostility and persecution aren’t that common in America. Ming responded, “Perhaps that was problem.” What do you think of her response? Do you agree with it? Disagree?

3. In prison Quan prayed for God to give him a ministry. He didn’t pray to be released, to be healed from his physical pain. He didn’t ask God, “Lord, don’t you know my family needs me?” What can we learn from this?

4. How did Ben Fielding come to faith in Christ?

5. Why the title, Safely Home?

6. How did Quan honor Jesus tangibly? Did it make an impression on Ben? In your life, how could you honor Christ in a courageous and tangible way? Be creative.

7. What is it like being a persecuted Christian? Why has China been intolerant of Christianity? Has it always been that way? In other words, why does God allow it?

8. What would you say to someone who asks why God allows his chil­dren to suffer?

9. Which character did you relate to the most? Why?

10. Compare Li Quan’s funeral with his reception into heaven. Should we mourn at Christian funerals? Should we also rejoice? Have you ever been to an unusually happy Christian funeral? If it’s not too morbid to think about, what would you want to happen at your funeral?

11. What did you think of the author’s interpretation of heaven? What was a new “view” for you? What was most impressive to you about Alcorn’s depiction of Jesus? Heaven? Angels?

12.  In the book, we are told by the King that, as his children, our dreams are too small. Do you agree?

13. Would you recommend Safely Home to a non-Christian? Why or why not?

14. Has this book opened your eyes to persecuted Christians in China and elsewhere? Visit the Voice of the Martyrs website (www.persecution. com) and see if you are moved to pray for someone or some place. If you did this, share what you discovered.

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