Will There Be Seas as We Know Them in Heaven?

HeavenQuestion from a reader:

On page 265 of your book, Heaven, regarding whether or not there will be oceans, Randy quotes Steven Lawson who says the seas as we know them were not part of God’s original creation, but a result of His judgment through the flood. But what about Genesis 1:9 & 10 where God separated the waters into land and “seas” and later created all the creatures that lived in the seas?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

The point isn’t that God had not created the seas. The point is that the seas (or oceans) as we now know them may be radically different than the original seas. Now the ocean is poison for human consumption. It seems highly unlikely that God’s originally created seas would kill people if they drank from them. This is speculation, since we don’t know. Is it possible that part of the curse and part of the flood was this contamination of the ocean so that it became undrinkable and also a threat to human life through tidal waves, tsunamis, floods? We don’t know.

But an analogy would be: Did God create sex? Yes. Is sex the way that it is for some people now different than the way God intended it? Yes. There are a lot of original good things that may not be in their original good condition, including the human body.

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