Dominion: An Australian Book Review

The following review appeared in the July issue of an Australian magazine:

For a story that switches suddenly from scenes of gang warfare in the streets of Portland, Oregon, to the glories of heaven, Dominion manages a surprising sense of continuity. Perhaps this is because of the author's absolute assurance of a seamless spiritual realm where heaven and earth can meet and often do. Dominion, a fiction, continues in the same vein as Deadline by the same author, tracing the adventures and misadventures of those on earth, and at the same time painting a rough sketch of heaven through the eyes of a character who knew Jesus as their Saviour, and who had died. While Deadline's "earthly" commentary touched on many subjects, Dominion concentrates on two-racism and justice. Both these subjects are highlighted in grand style as the central character, Clarence Abernathy, helps police in search of his sister's murderer. Dominion is more than a murder mystery, but a thorough investigation into the cause and effects of America's ongoing racial tensions, together with solutions offered through the lives of thoroughly believable characters.