Dominion: Discussion Questions

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1. Clarence’s experiences while growing up in Mississippi and Chicago, many of them heart-breaking, helped shape him into the man he became as an adult. What experiences—including difficult ones—have helped shape you into who you are today?

2. After reading Dominion do you see instances of racism in yourself that you may not have recognized before? Explain.

3. Clarence was able to communicate to Jake and to Ollie how it felt for him to be black in America today. How did reading this change or enhance your own understanding of race in our culture?

4. Clarence expected God to heal Felicia based on his reading of “health and wealth gospel” books and on half-truths communicated by his pastor. What would you have liked to share with Clarence about this belief system?

5. “People are good by nature,” and “God is love, therefore there is no hell” are two messages that GC heard from his pastor while growing up. How do you think they contributed to his ending up at his final destination?

6. Read Matt. 7:15. How did Jesus describe false teachers in this verse? Why do you think Clarence and GC might have wanted to listen to the messages of their particular pastors? Have you ever been tempted to listen to untruths or partial truths in certain situations?

7. Ty probably thought his Uncle Clarence was being too tough on him when he disciplined him. According to Heb. 12:6, what does God do with those he loves? How does your own parenting style compare to Clarence’s?

8. “Rep” or reputation seems to have a high priority in gang life in Dominion. What priority does the apostle Paul place on personal reputation in Phil. 3:4-9?

9. Dani was able to meet with many people who had died and gone to Heaven before her, including C. S. Lewis, William Wilberforce and her own grandparents. Who are a few of the people you are most looking forward to meeting and why?

10. One of the first things that Dani’s Grandmother Ruth learned to do when she arrived in Heaven was to read. What are some things you might desire to learn to do when you get to Heaven?

11. At critical moments in her brother Clarence’s life, we read about Dani and others falling to their knees and praying on his behalf. This implies that those in Heaven are aware of what is going on here on Earth. Read Rev. 6:10. Do you believe that the saints in Heaven intercede on our behalf and know what is occurring?

12. Mrs. Norcoast began what seemed to be an innocent fascination with angels that led her down a dark path when she became obsessed and worshipful of them. Read Isa. 1:21-22. What does God say about a people who worship idols?

13. Read Heb. 1:14 and 1 Cor. 6:2-3. What do these verses explain about the role of angels?

14. Bridging the gap between races that have been separate for generations is certainly difficult, but is of utmost importance, as we read in Dominion. What emphasis does our Lord place on reconciliation and unity in his church, not only here on Earth, but also in Heaven? (Eph. 2:11-16 and Eph. 4:1-6)