Lord Foulgrin's Letters: Discussion Questions

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Lord Foulgrin's Letters


Chapter 1: It Doesn’t Get Any Better?

1. Who are the following: Jordan Fletcher? Diane? Jillian? Daniel?

2. What are your first impressions of Fletcher’s marriage?

3. What are your first impressions of the family relationship?

Letter 1: Our Working Arrangement

1. Who are the following: Squaltaint? Lord Beelzebub? Enemy?

2. What are the following: Vermin? Charis? Erebus? Sludgebags? Skiathorus? Imagebearers? Divine Parent?

3. What citizenship was revoked?

4. What vermin is Squaltaint assigned?

5. Describe how Foulgrin views human beings.

6. What is Foulgrin’s rule number one and what is its purpose?

7. What is on Squaltaint’s resume?

8. What are “Foulgrin’s Rules of the Sting”?

Chapter 2: Voices

1. Who is Patty?

2. What happened to Jordan while he was driving?

Letter 2: Know Your Prey

1. What is today’s lesson?

2. Who was Foulgrin calling fawning bellboys?

3. Why does the Enemy draw humans attention to their emptiness?

4. What is Foulgrin’s third rule?

5. What is Foulgrin’s rule twenty three?

6. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on eternal misery vs. temporary suffering.

7. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts of Hell.

8. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts of Heaven.

Chapter 3: The Darkness, The Book, the Stain

1. What is introspection?

Letter 3: Working Behind the Scenes

1. What did Fletcher do that was most dangerous?

2. How does Foulgrin explain to Squaltaint to get around not being able to read minds?

3. Who is the Ghost?

4. What does the forbidden Book call The Master?

5. Why doesn’t Foulgrin want humans to think?

Chapter 4: Shutting Doors

1. Who is Brittany?

2. What is ironic about Jordan’s thoughts as he reads the newspaper?

3. Explain your thoughts on Jordan & Diane’s relationship.

Letter 4: The Vermin’s Stinking Family

1. What is High Commands reiteration regarding children?

2. What is the unholy trinity?

3. What is Foulgrin’s observation regarding parenting?




Chapter 5: Two Worlds

1. What do you think was the significance of the McDonald’s bag and fries?

Letter 5: Hunting

1. Who is the Master’s opposite?

2. What did Foulgrin learn by inhabiting the hunter?

Chapter 6: Face-Off

1. Who is Bancroft?

2. Explain your thoughts on Jordan’s exchange with his boss.

Letter 6: Shaping How the Vermin See Beelzebub and Us

1. What is Foulgrin’s 5th law?

2. What are Foulgrin’s thoughts on demon caricature?

Chapter 7: The Deal

1. What is the moral compromise in this chapter?

Letter 7: Moral Relativism and Your Sludgebag

1. Who are the following: Forbidden Squadron? Carpenter?

2. How does Foulgrin explain moral consensus?
3. What is moral relativism?

Chapter 8: Fletcher’s World

1. Who is Sid Young?
2. Explain Jordan’s interaction with the street preacher.

Letter 8: The Word ‘My’

1. How does Foulgrin define the word “my”?

2. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on time.

3. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on Jordan’s “My God…” response.




Chapter 9: The Game & The Book

1. Explain your thoughts of Ryan.

Letter 9: Truth & Fiction

1. What happened to “Dottie Darling”?

2. Who is out to get Squaltaint?

3. Describe Foulgrin’s first time indwelling someone.

4. What is the ‘R’ word?

5. Who is Dredge?

6. What about the thief on the cross angered Foulgrin?

Chapter 10: A Little Choice

1. What do you think Diane is feeling?

Letter 10: Captains of their Fate

1. Why do you think Squaltaint didn’t file a report?

2. Who is Robert?

Chapter 11: Conversation & Coffee

1. Explain Ryan’s interaction with Jordan?

2. What is Christ’s righteousness?

3. What are Jordan’s thoughts on religion?

4. Explain Ryan’s patience waiting for Jordan to ask him who he thinks Jesus is.

5. Explain Ryan’s answer regarding Jesus.

6. Explain Ryan’s evangelism strategy based on Christ—not Christians.

7. Explain Ryan’s actions after Jordan spilled his cup and swore.

Letter 11: Making Him Wrong about the Carpenter

1. What is the Jesus Seminar?

2. Who is the travel agent and what is his purpose?

3. What is the difference between refute and dilute?

4. What is Foulgrin’s rule #39?

5. What is a pseudo-Christian cult?

Chapter 12: The Counterfeit

1. What is a ‘Latter Day Saint’?

2. What is the Mormon view of Heaven?

3. Who are the following: Moroni? Joseph Smith?

4. Explain Sid Young’s actions towards Jordan when he did not want the Elders to visit?

Letter 12: Disposing of the Evidence

1. What is “spiritual”?

2. What are the following: Wicca? Pantheism? Mysticism? The angel fetish?

3. According to Foulgrin”what is the real problem with the world?

4. Who are the following: Baletwist? Bodewhip? ST? WW? CSL?

5. What is one of the marks of a smart solider?




Chapter 13: The Message

1. Who are the following: Todd Duncan? Jeff Sell?

2. Explain the Mormon’s approach to dealing with Jordan when he was not interested.

Letter 13: The Ultimate Insult

1. What is forbidden fruit?

2. What does the following phrase mean: “If they’re only fighting physical battles, they won’t bother putting on spiritual armor.”

3. Explain Foulgrin’s differences between ‘human’ and ‘spirit’

Chapter 14: All the Same?

1. Explain Ryan’s responses to Jordan regarding Mormons and their teachings.

2. What is unique about Grape Nuts?

3. Explain how Ryan invites Jordan to church and the purpose behind it.

Letter 14: Trusting the Forbidden Message

1. Why can’t Foulgrin “squash “Ryan?

2. What happened to Ryan?

3. What are the four points of the book Ryan gave Jordan?

4. Why does Foulgrin want him to believe verses repent?

5. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on the forbidden Book and repeating a prayer.

Chapter 15: What Would It Mean?

1. What made Jordan’s defenses well up?

2. What were Jordan’s concerns about becoming a Christian?

Letter 15: Footholds

1. What are Jordan’s primary vulnerabilities?

2. How can Squaltaint get inside Jordan?

Chapter 16: The Blue Blur

1. What happened to Jordan?

Letter 16: The Sting

1. What is it to “sin on credit”?

2. Why does Jordan sin—as spoken by Foulgrin?

3. Explain Foulgrin’s strategy on boxes wrapped neatly.




Chapter 17: Appointment

1. Explain Jordan and Diane’s interaction?

2. Explain Ryan’s conversation and tactics with Jordan.

Letter 17: Your Unthinkable Disaster

1. What did Squaltaint brag about concerning Jordan?

2. What question did Ryan ask Jordan before they reviewed the booklet?

3. Why is Foulgrin so upset?

4. Explain “uselessness.”

5. What is the power of conversion?

6. Why would Foulgrin want Fletcher to “fall back into old patterns of self-sufficiency?

Chapter 18: The Squadron

1. Explain Jordan’s thoughts regarding attending church.

2. Why do you think Ryan and Jodi sat with Jordan so close to the front?

3. Explain the comment—”Every Christian needs help to grow in his faith.”

4. Explain the comment—”The church isn’t a showcase for saints, it’s a hospital for sinners.”

Letter 18: Cinderella With Amnesia

1. According to Foulgrin how do you destroy a soldier?

2. According to Foulgrin how do you “pick off” a soldier?

3. Explain your thoughts on following phrase: “Remove a burning coal from the fire and soon it cools and dies.”

4. Explain Foulgrin’s instructions regarding baptism.

5. According to Foulgrin—what would happen if all the Bibles in America were simultaneously dusted?

6. Who is Les Marstow?

7. What is the unholy trinity?
8. Why is it that “no one repents of what they don’t acknowledge”?

Chapter 19: Getting Started

1. Explain Jordan’s transformation.

Letter 19: All is Not Lost

1. What is the next best thing to a “damned soul”?

2. Explain Foulgrin’s understanding of trying to be roommates with the Ghost.

3. How do you keep the demonic world closed out?

4. What is a pacifist?

Chapter 20: What’s With Dad?

1. Explain Diane’s thoughts and actions.

2. How has Jordan transformed?

Letter 20: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

1. Explain Foulgrin’s desire to clear up a possible “derogatory comment” about Frostheart.

2. What is the “honeymoon stage.”

3. What is Foulgrin’s greatest fear?

4. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on political activism.

5. How does Foulgrin want Jordan to view Heaven, how does he describe what it really is?




Chapter 21: First Contact

1. Explain what happened at Ian’s house.

2. What is a “Ouija Board’?

3. Explain Ian’s understanding of spirits.

4. What is a planchette?

5. What are your thoughts on the questions they asked the board game?

Letter 21: On the Prowl!

1. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on “today”

2. What is a moderate Christian?

3. What is a cultural ghetto?

4. Explain Augustine.

5. Explain Foulgrin’s take on the Ouija Board gathering.

6. Explain your thoughts on Foulgrin’s last two statements.

Chapter 22: The War Within

1. How is Jordan changing?

2. How has Jordan’s work situation changed since he got saved?

Letter 22: The Battle for His Money and Possessions

1. What happened to Foulgrin’s plans with Barbara?

2. What is the issue with music?

3. Explain Jordan at work.

4. Explain your thoughts on the statement: “Every time he violates his conscience it gets easier.”

5. What is a thing addict?

6. Explain your thoughts on debt being servitude.

7. How do you begin buying shares in the Enemy’s kingdom?

8. How do demons win the battle for a humans heart?

Chapter 23: The Invitation

1. Who is Jodi Lawrence?

2. Explain Diane’s thoughts regarding church.

3. Explain Jordan and Diane’s marriage.

4. Explain your thoughts on how Jordan is now communicating with Diane regarding church.

Letter 23: Eliminating Shame

1. What was the troubling discussion at the department roundtable?

2. What is a “postponed yes.”

3. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on the movie Titanic.

4. What is a “squadron leader”?

5. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on voyeurism through the TV or Window?

6. What is it Foulgrin fears?

Chapter 24: The Bookstore

1. What is going on with Jordan regarding Patty?

2. Explain Jordan’s experience in the bookstore.

3. What are the two types of Christians?

4. Explain your thoughts on how Ryan is acting toward Jordan

5. Explain Ryan’s thoughts on baptism.

6. Explain the thought “God is an Audience of One.”

Letter 24: Love and the Male Maggot-feeders

1. Explain your thoughts on Squaltaint’s affects on Jordan.

2. Who are the following: Edwards, Spurgeon, Tozer, Packer, Piper, Lewis, Schaeffer, Colson? Name some of their work.

3. What the following mean: “Ten looks at himself for every one look at the Enemy.”

4. What are non-existent women vs. real women?

5. How does Foulgrin describe love?




Chapter 25: Bad News

1. What is going on with Ryan and Jodi?

2. How does Ryan respond when Jordan questioned God’s love?

3. How does Ryan feel about marriage counseling?

4. Explain Jordan’s difficulty talking to Ryan about Patty.

Letter 25: Making Sure He Doesn’t Get It

1. Explain Squaltaint’s letter abruptly ending.

2. What is the “artificial joy crowd”?

3. What is Foulgrin’s main advice to distract Jordan?

4. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on prison and freedom.

Chapter 26: It Would Have to Be Obvious

1. Explain Diane’s conversation with Jordan.

2. What happened the last 5 lines of this chapter?

Letter 26: Their Efforts to Take Us Down

1. According to Foulgrin—what is the only important thing

2. What is important to note regarding accountability and discipline?

3. What are man-made eviction formulas?

4. What worries Foulgrin?

Chapter 27: Surprise

1. Explain Jordan and Diane’s conversation regarding their son.

2. What is the surprise?

Letter 27: Love and the Female Maggot Feeders

1. What is Patty’s attitude towards her family?

2. How does Patty see Jordan?




Chapter 28: The Test

1. What does the doctor suggest?

2. Why do you think Diane and Jordan did not look the other in the eyes as they left the doctor’s office?

Letter 28: Suffering, the Enemy’s Megaphone

1. Can demons create deformities or illness?

2. What happened to Foulgrin’s agnostic couple?

3. How does Foulgrin view pain?

4. What happened to Foulgrin’s man who went to prison?

5. What happened in Ecuador?

Chapter 29: Options

1. What happened at Salty’s between Jordan and Patty?

Letter 29: Take Him Down

1. How do actions on the sports court relate to life?

2. What is worse than reading the forbidden book?

3. What is Foulgrin’s rule #17 and what does it mean?

Chapter 30: Mom

1. What was Jordan’s struggle while talking with Diane’s mom?

Letter 30: Postponing Evangelism

1. What is Foulgrin’s best strategy for keeping people from evangelizing?

2. Which of Foulgrin’s “Don’ts” do you relate to the most?

3. What is the problem with perfect timing?

4. Explain your thoughts on the last paragraph.

Chapter 31: Dad

1. What is Jordan’s initial regret and request?

2. Explain Reverend Braun’s interpretation of eternal life.

3. What does Stan think of Reverend Braun’s interpretations?

Letter 31: Long Live Our Man in the Pulpit

1. How does Foulgrin describe Reverend Braun?

2. What are Reverend Braun’s philosophies?

3. Why does Foulgrin encourage vermin attendance to Reverend Braun’s church?

4. Why does Foulgrin want Reverend Braun’s life spared?




Chapter 32: Get Out

1. Explain Jordan’s conversation with Daniel.

2. Explain Jillian’s response to Jordan.
3. Explain Jordan’s response to his two children.

Letter 32: Worship in the Forbidden Squadron

1. Who are the following: Elyon? Self Righteous Errand Boys?

2. What are Foulgrin’s thoughts on singing and songs?

3. What is the effect of true worship?

4. What does Foulgrin state is their job regarding ‘thirst’?

5. What does Jordan have in embryo?

6. What was the despicable song ‘written by the slave trader’?

7. How is Hackslay’s job different from Squaltaint?

8. Explain the second to last paragraph.
9. Explain gazing, meeting, and giving.

Chapter 33: The Talk

1. What is Jordan upset about and what regrets does he have?

2. How does Jodi respond to Diane’s news?

3. What is Diane’s 20-year secret?

4. How does Jodi help resolve the Fletcher’s dilemma?

Letter 33: Accusations

1. What is Foulgrin’s delight with an earthly father who acts like a jerk?

2. How does the role of Excuser and Accuser play out?

3. What is false guilt verses true guilt?

Chapter 34: Needing Help

1. How does Jodi lead the discussion towards Diane’s need for God?

2. Why did Jodi start praying before anyone’s head was bowed?

Letter 34: Message from the Enemy’s Agent

1. Who is Jaltor?

2. Explain your thoughts on Jaltor’s letter.

Chapter 35: The Hike

1. What is Jordan’s regret?

2. How does Daniel view nature (animals vs. humans)?

Letter 35: Visitation

1. What has been going on at Brittany’s house?

2. What languages make demons bilingual and how do they use them to their advantage?

3. What is the language of God?

Chapter 36: Going to Kill me

1. What happened to Brittany?




Letter 36: Our Fairytale about Origins

1. What was Squaltaint’s complaint about the Ghost?

2. What is a professional church critic

3. According to Foulgrin what do the vermin fear most?

4. What does Foulgrin have to say about the theory of Evolution?

5. How does Foulgrin take pride in the theory and how it has affected the vermin?

Chapter 37: Different

1. What are Jordan and Jillian doing?

2. What is the update on Brittany?

3. Explain Jillian’s thoughts on Daniel.

Letter 37: Lord Chemosh

1. Explain Foulgrin’s letter to Chemosh.

Chapter 38: Final Answer

1. What was Diane’s final answer?

Letter 38: Damned if You Do

1. Explain Foulgrin’s attitude towards “their little maggot feeder.”

2. Note Jordan’s changes.

Chapter 39: My Messenger

1. What was Brittany taught to say?

Letter 39: The Enemy’s Appeal to the Vermin’s Self Interest

1. What foiled Foulgrin’s plan regarding Brittany?

2. What did the enemy do for Brittany?

3. What are Foulgrin’s two reasons for reading the Forbidden Book?

4. What does Foulgrin tell Squaltaint is his rule concerning the Enemy’s Voice?

5. What is the idea behind believe and obey, wise and foolish, righteous and unrighteous?

6. What is the power of wisdom?

7. How does Foulgrin define foolishness?

Chapter 40: It’s Over

1. Explain your thoughts on Frank and Jordan’s relationship.

2. Explain Jordan’s conversation with Patty.

3. Where in the Bible is the verse Jordan has written on his card?

4. Explain Patty’s reaction to Jordan.

5. Explain the very last sentence.

Letter 40: Choosing a College

1. What is the surrogate trinity?

2. What is Foulgrin’s favorite word on campus and why?

3. What is rarely exercised on the campuses? And what has replaced it?

4. What is a cynical nihilist?

5. What is a narcissist?

6. What changes did Foulgrin note Jillian might go through in college?




Chapter 41: Enemy Strategies

1. Explain your thoughts on Jordan and Ryan’s conversation.

Letter 41: Distracting Him from Missions and the Poor

1. Explain Squaltaint’s silence regarding Jordan & Patty.

2. What matter is of first importance to the Enemy and to Foulgrin?

3. What does Foulgrin want kept blind?

4. How can one help billons of people?

Chapter 42: Home

1. Explain Jordan’s Father’s thoughts regarding heaven.

2. According to Jordan—what is being a Christian?

3. Explain Jordan and Diane’s marriage.

4. Explain Jillian’s life at this point.

5. How are Jordan and Diane responding to missions?

Letter 42: Intolerable Developments

1. What scripture does Jordan have taped to his dashboard? Where can it be found in the Bible?

2. What is forbidden talk and what are Foulgrin’s thoughts on it?

3. What are Foulgrin’s thoughts on intention’s?

4. What are Foulgrin’s thoughts regarding money and hearts?

5. What is postponed obedience?

Chapter 43: Help

1. What is Jordan going through?

Letter 43: Line In the Sand

1. What kind of prayer disarms the demonic forces?

2. What kept Squaltaint from Jordan?

3. What is going on with Foulgrin?

Chapter 44: Confession

1. What did Jordan tell his boss?

2. How did his boss respond?

Letter 44: The Vermin’s Longing for Pleasure

1. Explain Foulgrin’s thoughts on pleasure.

2. What does Ryan say a about serving God?

3. What does Foulgrin state is “their god”?

Chapter 45: Applause

1. Explain Jordan & Diane’s event.

2. Explain your thoughts on the method used for this event.




Letter 45: Smelling like the Enemy

1. What was the practice of the early Christians?

2. What are some bridges used by demonic forces to cross over into the lives of believers?

Chapter 46: Shout to the King

1. What happened to Jordan?

Letter 46: The Final Disaster

1. What happened to Jordan?

2. Where is Jordan and what is going on there?

3. What did Jordan liken earth to?

4. What happened to Jordan’s boss?

5. What happened to Jordan’s dad?

6. What is happening to Jordan’s sister?

Chapter 47: Surviving

1. How is Jordan’s family dealing with his death?

2. How does Diane see home now?

3. Why do you think the children didn’t let go of Diane’s hands?

Letter 47: One Last Hasty Note

1. What did Squaltaint do to Foulgrin?

2. What did Foulgrin do to Squaltaint?

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