Lord Foulgrin's Letters: Table of Contents

Lord Foulgrin's Letters


Prelude: The Hunt

Chapter 1: It Doesn’t Get Any Better?

Letter 1: Our Working Arrangement

Chapter 2: Voices

Letter 2: Know Your Prey

Chapter 3: The Darkness, the Book, the Stain

Letter 3: Working Behind the Scenes

Chapter 4: Shutting Doors

Letter 4: The Vermin’s Stinking Family

Chapter 5: Two Worlds

Letter 5: Hunting

Chapter 6: Face Off

Letter 6: Shaping How the Vermin See Beelzebub and Us

Chapter 7: The Deal

Letter 7: Moral Relativism and Your Sludgebag

Chapter 8: Fletcher’s World

Letter 8: The Word My

Chapter 9: The Game and the Book
Letter 9: Truth and Fiction

Chapter 10: A Little Choice
Letter 10: Captains of Their Fate

Chapter 11: Conversation and Coffee

Letter 11: Making Him Wrong about the Carpenter

Chapter 12: The Counterfeit

Letter 12: Disposing of the Evidence

Chapter 13: The Message

Letter 13: The Ultimate Insult

Chapter 14: All the Same?

Letter 14: Twisting the Forbidden Message

Chapter 15: What Would It Mean?
Letter 15: Footholds

Chapter 16: The Blue Blur

Letter 16: The Sting

Chapter 17: Appointment

Letter 17: Your Unthinkable Disaster

Chapter 18: The Squadron

Letter 18: Cinderella with Amnesia

Chapter 19: Getting Started

Letter 19: All Is Not Lost

Chapter 20: What’s with Dad?
Letter 20: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Chapter 21: First Contact

Letter 21: On the Prowl

Chapter 22: The War Within

Letter 22: The Battle for His Money and Possessions

Chapter 23: The Invitation

Letter 23: Eliminating Shame

Chapter 24: The Bookstore

Letter 24: Love and the Male Maggot-Feeders

Chapter 25: Bad News

Letter 25: Making Sure He Doesn’t Get It

Chapter 26: It Would Have to Be Obvious
Letter 26: Their Efforts to Take Us Down

Chapter 27: Surprise

Letter 27: Love and the Female Maggot-Feeders

Chapter 28: The Test

Letter 28: Suffering, the Enemy’s Megaphone

Chapter 29: Options
Letter 29: Take Him Down

Chapter 30: Mom

Letter 30: Postponing Evangelism

Chapter 31: Dad

Letter 31: Long Live Our Man in the Pulpit

Chapter 32: Get Out

Letter 32: Worship in the Forbidden Squadron

Chapter 33: The Talk

Letter 33: Accusations

Chapter 34: Needing Help

Letter 34: Message from the Enemy’s Agent!

Chapter 35: The Hike
Letter 35: Visitation

Chapter 36: Going to Kill Me

Letter 36: Our Fairy Tale about Origins

Chapter 37: Different

Letter 37: Lord Chemosh

Chapter 38: Final Answer

Letter 38: Damned If You Do

Chapter 39: My Messenger

Letter 39: The Enemy’s Appeal to the Vermin’s Self-Interest

Chapter 40: It’s Over
Letter 40: Choosing a College

Chapter 41: Enemy Strategies

Letter 41: Distracting Him from Missions and the Poor

Chapter 42: Home
Letter 42: Intolerable Developments

Chapter 43: Help

Letter 43: Line in the Sand

Chapter 44: Confession

Letter 44: The Vermin’s Longing for Pleasure

Chapter 45: Applause

Letter 45: Smelling Like the Enemy

Chapter 46: Shout to the King

Letter 46: The Final Disaster

Chapter 47: Survivors

Letter 47: One Last Hasty Note


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