Books for Prisoners

Shortly after EPM began, inmates started writing us letters requesting Randy’s books. Over the years we have given away thousands of his books to prisoners and chapel libraries. These materials minister to a wide range of inmates, from those who are serving sentences for drug-related crimes to those who are on death row. There are people in our prisons who need to hear the gospel and be encouraged in their faith. 

Individual Inmates

Every inmate who writes to us receives a brochures listing the free books we offer to inmates. It also contains contact information for other ministries and organizations offering free or low cost resources.

An inmate can request up to four books, with a lifetime limit of four.

Inmates can send their request to: 

Attention: Books for Prisoners
39065 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 100
Sandy, OR 97055

Prison Chaplains and Volunteers

When chaplains request resources from EPM, we work with them to determine what will best meet their needs. We are happy to send out books for prison libraries, Bible studies or chapel services. 

Response from a prisoner

Here is a sample of the many letters we’ve received from prisoners:

Dear Mr. Alcorn,

I am a prisoner, serving a sentence for second degree robbery.

Your book, Deadline, has impacted me in a way nothing else has ever done, ever! My life will never be the same. For this, I will be grateful to you and Jesus Christ forever.

Even though I was raised in a Conservative Baptist household, it was very dysfunctional. I rebelled against my family and the church (including Jesus). I spent nearly 25 years searching...for a purpose, a sort of, “Why am I here?” attitude. This was a very destructive path.

A friend gave me your book, saying he received it from a family member, but it was not his kind of book. After I read it, I met with him to give the book back. He asked me why my face looked so different. I said, “I found the purpose to my life, thanks to this book.” He then told me this was the first time he had ever seen me smile! He’s reading your book now.

Will you please send me any other books you’ve written? I will devour them, and then pass them on.

Thank you, J. W., Ontario, OR

Help with the cost of sending books

If you have a particular interest in helping us underwrite the cost of providing and sending Randy’s books to prisoners, you may donate online (choose the option "Book for Prisoners Fund" under Special Funds) or send a check to EPM designated “books for prisoners” on the memo line.  Donations to this fund are used to finance the cost of the books and materials, as well as the shipping charges. Thanks for your consideration of this specific outreach to prisoners.