Readers' Responses to ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments

ProLife Answers to ProChoice  Arguments

I didn't expect to actually love a book that wasn't fiction, but as someone on the younger side I found it to be so easy to read and super information. It answered all of my questions and doubts about the anti-abortion case. If you are looking for great and reliable information to use it not only a presentation but daily life, I 100% recommend this book. -V.

Got it as a convenient resource for my daughters to use to help them answer questions from their friends about Pro-Life issues. -Anonymous

This book is the best. There is a short index at the front that has an overview of arguments, and then you can search throughout the book to find longer answers as well. I love this book and will be purchasing one for each of my sisters. Well thought out perspectives make tough conversations easier to talk about. -A. 

The arguments in this book are based on science and common sense rather than religion. The pro-choice movement is exposed. -A.D.

This book contains a ton of information. It is a one-stop resource for anyone looking to find the truth about why the Pro-Life side is the right side to be on in this debate. -D.H.

I have been so blessed reading your book ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments. I am running for the parliament in Finland and I feel that God wanted me to read your book. Abortion is my main theme in the election. May God keep on blessing your ministry! — M.E.

I’ve been reading ProLife Answers and find it deeply profound. Thank you for writing such a great polemic. — J. A.

This book is life-changing. I was prolife before reading the book, but regardless of which side you're on, it will clearly and forever define for you what abortion really is. Prolifers will gain a wealth of knowledge and insight. Prochoicers will be challenged by this book, but never insulted. Ignoring the facts doesn't change reality. Read this book, and then give it to a prochoice friend. W. R.

Thank you for your impact on my own prolife work. Reading ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments with two other men convicted us to get involved as volunteers with a prolife ministry.
    Before becoming a believer, I came to a crisis point in my marriage. My wife had just given me the news we were pregnant with our fourth child—very much unplanned and unexpected. I had procrastinated on the decision to have a vasectomy after our last child. Even though we were affluent, successful and church-going, and even though we had worked through years of infertility to have our first child, I felt overworked, overstretched financially, and overwhelmed by the news.
    I pointedly suggested to my wife that we didn’t have to go through with the pregnancy, since she had not told anyone else. I knew next to nothing about abortion, and I was ashamed of what I was doing, but I wanted “out” of the situation, and thought I could pressure her. She immediately shouted, “No!” and I backed down. I eventually got as excited about this child as I was about my others. But I kept the shame to myself for what I had attempted to do. It bothered me a lot. Little did I know that God was firmly in control of my life and that of my child.
    Three years later, I surrendered my life to Christ at Promise Keepers simply because I had to give up living life on my terms. It just wasn’t working, and I was failing at virtually everything in spite of the successful outward facade I tried to maintain.  Trying to believe that God could really forgive my many sins, I realized what day it was—my child’s third birthday! I was being reborn on the very birthday of the child I had been willing to kill. In so doing, God was making it clear He could forgive the single thing in my life I was the most ashamed of. If He could forgive that, I was convinced He was forgiving everything.
    Still not knowing anything about abortion, I made up my mind right on the spot that I would tell my child the truth when old enough to handle it, which I did on the fourteenth birthday—so they would know how great a God we have. I became of aware of Randy’s book ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments about a year before that event, and it helped me prepare for that day, and I used many of the scriptures from the appendix. My child was a believer by then, and knew everything about my testimony except that part of the story. My child burst into tears when I told what I had tried to do that morning with my wife, but then forgave me on the spot. You can only imagine how that felt.
    Randy’s book opened my eyes all the way, and convicted me to get involved and try to prevent other people from making the mistake I had almost made. That’s how I got involved with a prolife ministry and their campus projects. — M. D.

For newcomers to the debate, Randy Alcorn's ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments is terrific. Randy's work is a valuable reference guide for lay people, highly readable, and meticulously organized so that the reader can pick and choose those parts of the book needed for the immediate pro-abortion challenge at hand. Scott Klusendorf, Prolife Advocate

This book is organized wonderfully and points out all of the fallacies of the pro-abortion/pro-infanticide stance. I refer to it in one of the chapters of a prolife book I am writing about how not only the unborn human beings but newborn and infants have been dehumanized by the “legal non-person” pro-abortion argument. Now we see the return of eugenics, where people sue because they had a baby with Down syndrome, such as wrongful life and wrongful birth lawsuits and where whole organs are used from aborted children for research. Great book! C. M.

This book has every prochoice argument you can think of! I love that it doesn't have religious answers. I am personally a religious person, but I don't think abortion is a religious issue but rather one of basic human rights. Every prolife person should have this book and see how to articulate your views. K. R.

I just want to take the time and tell you how much your book has impacted my life. I have always been prolife but was afraid to speak out because I did not feel like I had the answers. I have learned so much from your book. I've ordered 5 more copies to send to people of power both locally and nationally. Thank you for helping me.  P. L.

I wanted to write and thank you for your book ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments. I am a 43-year-old female. I recently went through training to be a volunteer at a pregnancy care center here in my town. It was through that training that I first got a copy of your book. It has been very helpful to me.
    I know firsthand the damage that abortion does. I had an abortion when I was 18 years old. In October of last year, at the age of 42, I went through a PACE study (post abortion counseling and education) after 24 years of suffering. I was an alcoholic, agoraphobic, and physically abused myself. I had spent time in mental hospitals and was well on my way to being a permanent resident of one. Now, less than a year later, I don't drink, am active in church and the pregnancy care center, don't hurt myself anymore, and no longer have to take medications for depression, etc. God has healed me.  K. S.

I just received ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments and I can hardly put it down. I have never seen such a cogent resource. I will share the book with my fellow prolife workers and church brothers and sisters. Thank you!  Y. P.

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