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Safely Home

Safely Home is an astonishing read. I was awestruck in the differences with our freedom to worship our God and Lord. Breathtaking and tear-jerkingI read it from cover to cover in a day. That next Sunday I shared this book with my Sunday School class. It's truly one of the most emotional readings I've had. I could not put it down until I found out what happened next. I'd encourage everyone to read this. You will not be disappointed! You will finish realizing how fortunate we are in America! My heart and prayers goes out out to the people in other lands that can't worship our God openly. — D.L.

I am an English teacher in a Christian school, and I have Safely Home on the required reading list for all my students. Although I know it is a book about the persecuted church presented in a fictional narrative, it expresses such profound truths and always causes me to rethink my love for God and am I playing an active part in bringing his kingdom news to the world Thank you again for writing what will always be called the best book I've ever read! — L.R.

I have a friend who is a missionary to pregnant women in China. Your book helped me to see the dangers and need for her ministry in a world that is aching to hear the Gospel of Christ. We hear of persecution, but it means very little to those of us who are safe in the comfort of our American homes. Thank you for opening our eyes to not only the danger, but to God's glorious work that is occurring in China. — D.L.

I just finished Safely Home and words are hard to find to aptly describe the emotional and spiritual impact it had on me. The writing style is absolutely beautiful and so profound. It has changed my missionary focus…I now feel the need and compassion to work with those who are desperate for God and His Word. This book has truly changed me and given me a new focus and mission for my life! — N.G.

My husband and I took turns reading this aloud to each other years ago. Oftentimes I would fall asleep while he was reading, only to awake to the sounds of his sobbing as he read silently to himself pages ahead. Since then we've read many others, but Safely Home is his favorite. He has bought many copies as gifts to his friends and also to our adult children. Thank you for writing fiction that stirs the heart and mind toward things of the Lord and guides us to have an eternal perspective. — D.B.

I was raised in China as a missionary kid. I admire the writing and research you have done for Safely Home, because many people have difficulty understanding the Chinese mind and philosophies and especially the present government. We knew of hundreds of souls saved and dedicated to a Christian life before we left China. Many old friends have 'disappeared', changed their names or become tortured for their possessions of the English/Mandarin Bibles we handed out freely. My Chinese boyhood friend was eventually tortured and publicly shamed many years later because he knew the 6-year-old 'American spy'... me!
     I appreciated every Chinese phrase and many of the uses of sayings and much Chinese philosophy that you included, some of which I had heard but forgotten. Thank you for a great read. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for a friend who told me about your excellent novel! —D.V.M.

I know this book was fiction, but far too close to the real thing. I have been in Hong Kong several times. There are posters and ads displayed trying to awake us to the horrible things going on in China in order to have organs for trade. Seeing them makes me think of Safely Home. And it makes me very grateful to live where I still have some freedom to try to live by faith. And it makes me pray for the persecuted. — R. T.

I am now reading Safely Home and it has created such a passion for God's word and the persecuted church. I feel like I am more focused on what really matters in life. I am sharing what I am learning with everyone I meet. Today it was my turn to teach the junior high class at church and the topic was the book of James. I took an idea from Safely Home when Ben had to teach the House Church. Instead of me standing in front of them, I had each one come up front and read 2 verses and tell what it meant to them. If they weren’t sure, I asked them to do what Ben did and ask the people in the group what they thought it meant. The kids were really excited about reading the Bible and "teaching" and it was one of our best lessons. Thank you Holy Spirit and Randy for your inspiration – L.E.

I must tell you that your book Safely Home is one of my all-time favorites. It is one of those books that seems to knock your world off kilter, then you come to the realization that it was just knocked straight. Understanding what persecution really means to the persecutedand what kind of lives we should be livingthis is huge! – W. D. L.

The Lord used Safely Home to draw my heart to the knowledge of our precious persecuted brothers and sisters – and more than that, the worth of Jesus Christ. I can recall this season in 2006 as if it happened yesterday. The sleepless nights and times of prayer (and later trip to China) came from this new awareness and sealed my decision to be spent among unreached and persecuted people in Asia. I am 31 and single, and leave in a few months to give the rest of my life in India. – A.E.

I am headed into full time missions in Cambodia soon, and wanted to let you know that your indispensable book Safely Home was one motivator that led me into missions. I look forward to Heaven and what awaits us there. – T.J.

I started reading your books many years ago. The book that literally took my head off was Safely Home.  I have worked in the medical field for almost 30 years as an RN.  A physician who I have a high regard for kept telling me I needed to read it and finally, after his continued provocations, I read it once, then twice, and then a third time.  I wept through portions of it and was a little taken aback at the impact it had on me personally. Then I recommended it to our church and we ended up getting a box of 20 and many families in our church have now read it. It continues to have an effect on us. I just wanted you to know that I have been thoroughly provoked, challenged, encouraged, and convicted by your writing. — P. H.

What an amazing book! I prayed through part, and cried through part. I have been thoroughly blessed by Randy's books! — J. R.

Your book, Safely Home, played a role in developing my heart for China.  After I read the book, I literally wept and found my heart wanting to be part of God’s work here in China.  I’ve been here now for almost five years and I must say it’s been an amazing journey and blessing to be here!  I’m so thankful to be even a small part of what the Lord is doing to grow His church here in China. — D. P.

This book is a real wakeup call for the American Christian. We may someday face this degree of persecution, as we are already facing a lesser degree now. Randy Alcorn does his research so well and he is a writer that you can trust theologically. — H. R.

Words cannot express the new levels of awareness and change I am experiencing as a result of reading Safely Home. It made me keenly aware that although I am only one person, I have more to give. I want to live whatever time God gives me with passion and purpose. — A. G.

I just finished reading Safely Home to my family. Toward the end, my 13-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter were staring at me, elbows on my foot stool or hanging over my shoulder to read ahead of me. They loved it. I think my daughter would like to read it again. Thanks so much for that book. — K. M.

To anyone unfamiliar with Safely Home....READ IT! It changed lives for me and my kids! [It's an] amazing fictional account of what truly is the reality of the American Christian sheltered from what real martyrdom is like versus the Asian Christian who must endure the loss of all things for the surpassing riches of Christ's glory, to the extent of losing careers, finances, leadership positions, Bibles, family, friends, and even their own lives in a lot of cases. Who do we think we are? We are blessed beyond measure and don't even realize it most of the time. — R. K. H.

Safely Home showed me the horrors of the persecuted church and the glories of Heaven. I admit that when I first read the book, calling the present Heaven the “waiting room” didn’t sit well with me. Give me grace—I had no idea of the wonderful things God has in store for the Earth (which I found by reading Heaven). I also love how you portrayed our Lord in the book—so human, yet divine, approachable, loving, and intimate. — D. A.

What would you do if your home was taken from you, your spouse was suddenly sent to prison without any information given to you on their whereabouts, and you had to rely on the support of others to live? What if they were sent to jail simply because they were a Christian? And what if situations like this actually existed in the world? They do.
     Safely Home
focuses on the persecution Christians face in China simply because they are Christians. They must smuggle in Bibles, meet secretly in the middle of the night for worship services, and risk their very lives to worship the one whom they believe in.
     Safely Home
is an excellent book, masterfully written and compelling as it unfolds. The gripping story is fiction, but it is not fantasy. In fact, some of the events in the book reflect actual occurrences in China. Persecution in China and other parts of the world is real, and Randy Alcorn vividly describes these events with such an impact that the reader cannot help but walk away affected by them. The reader gets a real sense of the type of stress and trouble that Chinese Christians face on a daily basis. In the end, it makes us realize how lucky we are in America to have such a vast amount of religious freedom. — C. M.

This is a very powerful book about those who are persecuted, even killed, for their faith. I like this statement by Li Quan, the main Chinese character: “My father used to tell me that a good follower of Yesu (Jesus) is like the ox—ready either for the plow or the altar, for service or for sacrifice. I do not know what lies ahead on this earth. I do know something greater awaits us beyond it. That is what I choose to live for.” — J. L.

Safely Home is a book that I could not put down. Randy Alcorn’s account of the Church in China has opened my eyes to what Chinese Christians endure for the sake of the cross. This book has burdened me (in a good way) to pray for the persecuted church. I was in tears by the end of this book—praying, rejoicing and worshipping a victorious God. — R. H.

I read Safely Home and it messed up my life. Since then I have adopted twice more, taken four teams to China, have connected with pastors over there, and am getting ready to plant our first cleft palate healing home. — S. A.

Safely Home made me cry. I couldn’t help it...this is a really unique book. I was completely unprepared for where this book took me emotionally and found myself completely unwound more than once. Before reading this book, I would not have thought that a work of fiction could go where this book goes. It is not perfectly rendered, but it is amazing in its reach and scope. Read it. — B. P.

Letter from a reader who lives in China: I have been working and living in China since 1992 teaching English, studying Mandarin, and sharing the Gospel with Chinese. I have lived in NE China for half of that time and most recently I have lived in NW China. I am currently home on a one-year furlough, living in the States.
    I just finished reading your book, Safely Home. I am impressed with your accuracy as to Chinese life and culture. You did a great job of letting folks know that China is a big place and what is happening in one place may not be happening in another. I have read many books on China, both fiction and non-fiction, and am often frustrated by the biased picture they give of China being the same all over and often unfair portrayals of life there and the people and officials. Thank you for bringing a balanced and accurate viewpoint to the novel. — C. S.

I've been a pastor for the past 20+ years, and I've had a couple of your books on stewardship for a whileI used them for reference, and appreciated the Biblical approach. But I hadn't really read any Randy Alcorn book from cover to cover.
     Over the New Year I picked up Safely Home, and I couldn't put it down. I read it through in 2 days, and bought a bunch of copies to give away. I then followed it up by reading Heaven. God has used these books to really grip my heart with the reality of eternity in a whole new way. It's affected me deeply. I'm reading Scripture with a new set of lenses. It's impacting my prayer life, and particularly my preaching. — P. M.

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