Prolife Resources for Pastors and Group Leaders

By Eternal Perspective Ministries May 23, 2010

Case Quantity Discount on Why ProLife?

To equip churches and prolife organizations sharing the truth about the unborn, EPM offers case quantity discounts for Randy's book Why ProLife?.

Free Why Prolife? Pastor's Kit Why Prolife

Each kit includes:

  • A copy of Randy Alcorn's book Why ProLife?
  • An informational brochure listing the many other resources Randy has made available for those teaching on the subject of prolife.
  • To request a Pastor's Kit, please contact EPMOffer valid for continental U.S. addresses only. 

Prolife Answers promotional materials

Promotional Materials for Why ProLife?

Resources and Handouts

Free ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments Pastor's KitProlife Answers to Prochoice Arguments

Promotional material for ProLife Answers to ProChoice ArgumentsPromotional Materials for ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments

Resource Library

Pastors and church leaders may also utilize the many free resources on our website, including Randy’s articles and Q&As, audio and video, links to some recommended prolife organizations, and more. 

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Links to Some Recommended Prolife Organizations

For more a more extensive list, see the Prolife Resource List.