Special Funds

EPM has created several special funds you are welcome to support. We offer the option of giving through EPM, and our ministry will go about making the choice of where to send the funds by selecting worthy ministries in each particular area. EPM gives 100% of what is designated to special funds; nothing is withheld.

Missions Fund—Evangelizing and discipling the world's unreached.

Relief Fund—Helping in Christ's name the world's unfed, unclothed, unsheltered, and genuinely poor.

Persecuted Church Fund—Aiding Christians around the world who live in spiritually hostile environments and who are suffering for their faith.

Prolife Fund—Intervening, with truth and compassion, for unborn babies and their mothers.

Handicapped Fund—Assisting those chosen by God to be handicapped.

Family Fund—Promoting the family's cause and helping specific needy families through established reputable organizations.

Legal Defense Fund—Assisting those in legal difficulty because they are upholding biblical principles.

Salt & Light Fund—Promoting truth, moral sanity, justice, and compassion in a post-Christian society.

Racial Reconciliation Fund—Fostering interracial understanding, partnership, and reconciliation in the Body of Christ.

Books for Prisoners Fund—Over the years we have given away thousands of Randy’s books to prisoners and chapel libraries. These materials minister to a wide range of inmates, from those who are serving sentences for drug-related crimes to those who are on death row. Donations to this fund are used to finance the cost of the books and materials, as well as the shipping charges.


See our donation page for more information on contributing to one of these funds. 

Handling of Special Fund Designations

We carefully evaluate and ask for God's guidance in deciding which organizations should receive specific fund designations. As letters and requests come our way, we look for special projects that need funding and work with reputable organizations with whom we have established relationships. We do not send money directly to individuals but only through those organizations that provide full accountability. We support projects that include working with the indigenous people and empowering them so the project or program becomes sustainable without the continuous need for outside funding. This encourages people to take ownership and responsibility within their own culture, and discourages an unhealthy dependency. We also try to avoid projects that would create divisive inequities within a specific people group or among local churches in a region. Visit these pages on our website for further information related to our giving:

Some Organizations EPM Supports or Recommends

Nineteen Questions to Ask Before Giving to Any Organization

Note on contribution designations to specific organizations

In order to comply with federal regulations, the ultimate decision of designation to specific organizations within the Special Funds must be left to the ministry of EPM. However, we will do our best to honor your request when we send out contributions at the end of every month.