Can We Trust Information About Abortion That’s from the Religious Right/Conservation Movement, or Is It Propaganda?

Question from a reader:

I’ve heard that the Religious Right/Conservative movement decided back in the early 80s that they needed more political power and were trying to find a way to mobilize evangelicals into a political force so they chose abortion to oppose. If that’s so, then are they a source whose information we can trustor are they just spreading propaganda?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

I get my biological information from medical sources, and my biblical information straight from Scripture. So I don’t follow the logic of asking “Are they [the Conservative movement] a source whose information we can trust?” nor understand how this is just propaganda. Are Harvard University Medical School textbooks written by the Conservative movement? Is the Bible propaganda?

The idea of prolife propaganda is ironic considering the ubiquity of the prochoice position. When, at the insistence of one of the students, I was asked to speak in a high school classroom as a token prolife speaker, an intelligent prochoice political science teacher, with a master's degree, told me afterward "In all these years I had never heard the prolife position until you presented it today." He found it persuasive. But he had never ONCE actually heard it!

The prochoice movement is the world champion of propaganda, like the Planned Parenthood slogan that looks so nice on a bumper sticker: "Every Child a Wanted Child."

“Wanting” is simply one person’s subjective and changeable feeling toward another. The “unwanted” child is a real person regardless of anyone else’s feelings toward her. A woman’s worth was once judged by whether or not a man wanted her. A child’s worth is now judged by whether or not her mother wants her. Both of these are tragic injustices.

So “Every child a wanted child,” is something we should all agree with. Where we will disagree is in the proper way to finish the sentence:

1) Every child a wanted child, so... let’s place children in homes where they are wanted, and let’s learn to want children more.

2) Every child a wanted child, so... let’s identify unwanted children before they’re born and kill them by abortion.

Everyone agrees that children should be wanted. The only question is this: Should we get rid of the unwanting or get rid of the children?

When it comes to the unborn, the abortion rights position is more accurately expressed in a different slogan, one that wouldn't look so good on a bumper-sticker: “Every unwanted child a dead child.”

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries