Endorsements and Book Reviews of 90 Days of God's Goodness

Book Reviews of 90 Days of God's Goodness

90 Days of God's Goodness by Randy Alcorn is another great devotional with daily reflections that shine light on personal darkness. Bestselling author, Randy Alcorn, offers his unique insights on the ups and downs of life. This nice, hardback book includes 90 devotionals that will help one to see and recognize the wonderful works of God.
     At times, life throws us challenges. Sometimes those challenges can lead us to a dark, maybe depressive, place; however, this devotional challenges us to rely on the One who created us for a specific reason. Chapter six, Suffering Is No Accident, is one of my favorite chapters. The chapter begins with Psalm 34:11-19, then a short devotional, and lastly a prayer to go with the devotional. Each devotional is roughly two to three pages long, and each devotional brings a thought-provoking idea for the reader. This is a great 5-star devotional for those going through a rough time, or simply a devotional for those who want to draw closer to the Lord in times of learning. This read would also make a great "Get Well Card" for someone who is learning to trust the Savior!
     As Randy Alcorn tells us, "God is in charge."
Reviewer for readersfavorite.com

Bestselling author Randy Alcorn offers his faithful fan base a powerful alternative to the doom and gloom messages that individuals across the world are inundated with on a seemingly moment-by-moment basis. He writes about suffering in a hard world not from man's perspective, which is limited and frequently shortsighted, but from God's eternal perspective. Keenly aware of the worldwide suffering thanks to immediate electronic access, he shares how easy it is to grow overwhelmed and disheartened by the mere scope of pain that we hear about.
     Alcorn is always a sensitive writer who offers hope, encouragement and a can-do (with God's help) attitude. He gives this same type of uplifting and often heavenly perspective on humanly woes, which is essential for traversing this life as God intends. One of the most valuable aspects of this devotional is that in each of the 90 chapters, he reveals something distinct about God's character as shown throughout Scripture. He gently reminds and urges Christ followers to spend time daily searching out the Bible before tragedy hits, before they're forced to their knees by life's hardships, before they feel they have nowhere else to turn. Alcorn explains that knowing who God is and what He has promised is necessary for enduring and then overcoming the challenges that have the potential to undo individuals.
     Throughout this hefty little book, readers will not only discover fresh ways to view suffering, they will realize how valuable suffering is to the development of their character and how it aptly equips them to be agents of change and of comfort to others at a later time. Taken from the principle that God never wastes anything, Alcorn beautifully unveils how God uses the past personal pain and tragedies that befall men and women to bring hope to those in the undercurrent of suffering today. Each of the 90 devotionals opens with a section of Scripture that touches on a specific theme followed by a real-life scenario that illustrates the biblical principle. Alcorn then closes the chapter with a heartfelt prayer that neatly brings together the Bible verses, the story, and its spiritual takeaway in a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.
     Given how tumultuous the days are at present, Alcorn's primer in “studying” God's goodness in the midst of pain will be greatly appreciated and effectively put to good use.
— Michele Howe, reviewer for faithfulreader.com

Are you the kind of person that sees the glass as half-empty instead of half-full? Are you often discouraged because your life is not all you hoped it would be? Are you discouraged and desiring a way to find hope and encouragement? If any of these questions describe you then you need to grab Randy Alcorn’s 90 Days Of God's Goodness.
    90 Days Of God's Goodness is a tour de force in seeing God’s grace in the middle of discouragement, disability, loss, and heartache. It is, as the title suggests, a three month devotional. Each chapter is two to three pages long, and offers encouragement to those in trying circumstances. Alcorn’s theology is firmly Reformed, and well-researched. It is easy to tell that this topic is near and dear to his heart. 90 Days Of God's Goodness is full of contemporary historical examples of people who overcame significant setbacks, and who in turn discovered joy and blessing in their life’s journey in the midst of their circumstances.
    This book is sure to be a blessing to a heavy heart, and an encouragement to all who read it. 
Clint Walker, for Author's Choice Reviews website

This book contains 90 daily devotions that seek to praise God, guide the reader, and provide insights that can be leveraged in this temporary Earthly walk. Alcorn writes with a plethora of truth and backs up his words and stories with Bible verses. Each daily devotion emphasizes a different subject, such as: God’s Unending Goodness (Day 18), Ultimate Victory (Day 40), Trusting God’s Plan (Day 55), and The Grand BibleTreeReunion (Day 78). The daily devotionals are around three to five pages in length and are comprised of Bible verses, a message, and a prayer. Measuring seven and a half inches in length and five and a quarter inches in width, this book has a durable hardcover with dust jacket and is the perfect book to take with you on your travels or to keep on a nightstand or coffee table.
     “Daily fill the reservoir from which you can draw when facing difficult times-and helping others face theirs. Great peace comes in meditating on the attributes of our God and His care for us,” (Alcorn, 2011, p. 274). This book focuses on those experiencing personal darkness or suffering, but is one that any person can read and gain wisdom from, since every live creation will, without a doubt, experience trials in their own life. Alcorn knits quotes from other people, stories of his own experiences, and relatable statements of other people’s insights from their own life experiences. This book is an exceptional read that has the power to greatly impact one’s life and one that would make an eloquent gift for yourself or for someone else.
— Reviewer for kennedybookreviews.blogspot.com

Randy Alcorn reassures those distressed by the prevalent evil in the world that God is good and that we can always be assured of His love in his new devotional 90 Days of God's Goodness. Through inspiring devotional readings, Alcorn helps anxious readers regain their faith in God and restore their path through the fog of life's challenges.
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Randy Alcorn’s deep and personal insight in 90 Days of God’s Goodness: Daily Reflections that Shine on Personal Darkness gives readers a new perspective on seeing God’s goodness in a world that is full of pain and suffering. When trials arise, many people lose sight of the hope they have in Christ and, without the proper foundation, their faith is shaken.
     Through 90 daily reflections, Randy helps readers look at life from an accurate point of view. He does not make light of the fact that suffering hurts and loss breaks our hearts, but he does remind us that God sees us through and works in our lives even during such darkness. Each daily reflection begins with a passage of Scripture that goes directly with the day’s topic, followed by personal examples from the lives of everyday people or from Randy’s own life, thoughtfully chosen to parallel the Scripture passage and make readers really think about the daily message. Randy then closes each with a personal prayer that he invites readers to mold to their individual situation.
     Randy Alcorn writes with a humble and very easy-to-read style, making sometimes complex issues more accessible. Having recently taken a course on contemporary Christian thought, Randy’s approach to the seemingly conflicting existence of God’s goodness and the presence of evil helped me to see what I had been learning applied to real life situations, not just hypothetical circumstances. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has experienced pain—which is pretty much everyone, if we’re honest—or anyone who has seen someone else question the goodness of God in light of life’s struggles. 
Nicole E. Dynes, www.ChristianBookPreviews.com

What those of us who are followers of God and lovers of Christ need now more than ever in our lives is to experience God’s presence, his power and his goodness in a very real and powerful way. Because of all of the sin and evil in our world and the many troubles and afflictions that are impacting our lives as believers personally, a book like this provides us much needed encouragement, refreshment and comfort for our weary and burdened down souls.
     The book, 90 Days of God’s Goodness, contains 90 short meditations that begin with an appropriate passage from the Word of God that complements the short meditation and then concludes with a prayer.
     In his book, author Alcorn does a fine job at addressing the issue of the goodness of God in light of all the badness, evil and suffering in our world today. In his book he masterfully addresses the question "If God is good…why all this evil and suffering?” and provides some timely Biblical answers to that all important question.
     He begins his book with a meditation titled, “Conflict With A Purpose” and shares some insights concerning God’s purpose in conflict as seen through the lives of Joseph and Job. Chapter 3 titled “Freedom and Comfort in Truth” encourages us to seek comfort and freedom in the truth rather than by trying to ignore it. In Chapter 6 author Alcorn shares with us the solidly Biblical truth that “Suffering is No Accident” and that resonates with me as a brain tumor survivor. In the chapter he mentions how Pastor James Montgomery Boice dealt with the news that he had liver cancer, teaching the members of his church by his words and his actions that he accepted the fact that God was and is in charge and because of that fact to desired to express the glory of God in and through his suffering.
     In all there are 90 timely encouraging and comforting meditations to remind us to keep our gaze fixed upon Jesus Christ and our direction with confidence, faith and hope set for Heaven. And we desperately need such encouragement and comfort in light of the times and world we live in today. It is interesting to note that author Alcorn begins his book with conflict and how that by having a high view of God one can work through conflict and see the goodness of God in his plan for our lives and he then ends his book with words from the Psalms and encouragement to cling to Christ for our present and with hope for the future when for those of us who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose will experience suffering and pain no more. In what the author refers to as his “Afterword” he shares a thrilling passage of Scripture from the book of Revelation – Revelation 1:12-18 and then some final words, ending the book with these very true and profound words, “When it comes to goodness and evil, present suffering and eternal joy, the first Word and the last is Jesus.
Harold Cameron, as posted on wordpress.com