An Exchange Between Ben Fielding and Li Quan About God and the Problem of Evil

Safely HomeOn February 28, I will be interacting for three hours with a Torrey Honors Institute class at BIOLA University. We’ll be discussing my novel Safely Home, which the students will have read. Since the book came out in 2000, and I haven’t read it since I wrote it, I figured I needed a review. So I’ve been listening to the audio, performed by Steve Sever. He did a great job!

Here is an animated exchange of 7 minutes between Li Quan and Ben Fielding, two old roommates from Harvard. It’s better in its larger context, where you realize that Li Quan has earned the right to speak this way to Ben Fielding. Anyway, I think some may find it interesting and relevant to their own questions and their discussions with family and others: 

Listen to the audio clip


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