What Do You Think Is the Biggest Obstacle for Christians to Overcome in Facing the Abortion Issue?

We struggle to dispel the illusion that grace means that we should not talk about the hard issues. Our doctrine of grace has been distorted by the culture’s dogma of tolerance. A number of Christians have told me, “I think it’s cruel to bring up the subject of abortion.” Does that also apply to adultery? Stealing? Murder? By talking about abortion now in our churches—with grace and truth—aren’t we helping to prevent abortion and offering forgiveness and healing to women and men who are suffering in silence? We must model how to address the painful issue of abortion with grace and truth. We also must stop thinking of abortion as a side-issue. Addressing life issues has always been central to the Christian’s calling.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries