Endorsements and Book Reviews of Money, Possessions, & Eternity

Endorsements of Money, Possessions, & Eternity

Money, Possessions and Eternity has affected my life and ministry more than any other book besides the Bible. My heart's desire is that every believer would read and reread what God has put upon Randy's heart. If in fact that happened, there would never ever be a lack of finances in any legitimate ministry anyplace in the world. Knowing Randy as I do, I know that this message is his life and his life is this message. It's a privilege to endorse this book. 
Ronald W. Blue, Founder and CEO, Ron Blue and Company

For the last thirteen years, Money, Possessions and Eternity has been my textbook on how I should manage my finances and giving. This book has helped me determine how best to help the poor, how to keep from hoarding, how to maintain right priorities, and how to understand what the Bible says about eternal rewards. Randy Alcorn is a very perceptive guide— I welcome this fresh new revision of a life-changing book. 
Hugh Maclellan, President, The Maclellan Foundation

Money, Possessions & Eternity is a book destined to impact generations. It is a classic study of what God wants us to know about handling money with eternity in mind. I heartily recommend it. 
Howard Dayton, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries

Reviews of Money, Possessions, & Eternity

     I read this in the early years of our marriage as we tried to live on less and yet maintain a kingdom perspective. Alcorn reminded me that this kingdom on earth isn’t the same as what would happen in heaven. Was I living for my own comfort and earthly rewards, or was I paying it forward, hoping for a reward in the afterlife. This book continues to inform the way we give.
    Alcorn writes, “Like many of God’s servants in the early Church, Paul was neither healthy or wealthy. It’s clear that God didn’t intend for him to be healthy or wealthy. Paul is now enjoying perfect health and wealth for all eternity. But when he was on this earth, it was God’s higher plan that for much of his life he would be poor and sick.”
     How I grew. In so many ways. Alcorn placed the real gospel before me, the conundrum gospel where when we give away stuff we understand the kingdom better. He helped me see that how I spent my money and time directly reflected how much I loved Jesus. He redirected my thoughts toward outrageous generosity instead of stingy hoarding. And I realized that as I suffered physically or monetarily, God had a much higher purpose in mind, one I might not see this side of heaven.

Mary DeMuth, Christian Author