What Books Would You Recommend to Help Christians Prioritize Their Lives?

Question from a reader:

What books would Randy use or recommend that has helped Christians prioritize their lives so that they can say “yes” to the things they should be doing?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

I recommend Charles Hummel's booklet The Tyranny of the Urgent. Spiritual Leadership by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby has a specific chapter on saying yes to things.

We need to neglect doing the things that countless people want us to do, so that we will be available to do what God wants. And sometimes He speaks in a still small voice, while people speak in a big LOUD voice. We have to make sure we’re listening. To do that, we need to put our ear to His Word and pray and seek His face.

Instead of exhausting ourselves doing many secondary things, may we do a few primary things well. And that begins with our daily time with God.

I share more thoughts in my blog post Planned Neglect: Saying No to Good Things So We Can Say Yes to the Best.