Courageous: Discussion Questions

Note: These questions are also printed in the back of the Courageous book.

1. Which characters or events in this novel resonate with you? How has yourCourageous life been similar?
2. Discuss some of the differences between bad parenting, “good enough” parenting, and effective parenting. What are the marks of excellent parenting? Why do many people settle for good enough?
3. In the very first scene Nathan refuses to let go of the steering wheel, risking his own life to rescue his son. What in your life is worth that kind of risk? What are some sacrifices God might ask of you for the sake of people you love?
4. Have you had a positive father figure in your life? If not, how can you seek out and cultivate that kind of relationship even now? If so, what can you do to express your appreciation for that person’s influence?
5. Where was the breakdown in the relationship between Dylan and Adam? What did each do to bridge the gaps between them?
6. Why is Adam reluctant at first to share his faith with Bronson? How does Bronson’s outlook eventually change? Who is someone in your life who needs to hear the truth?
7. How does Javier reflect his faith in God’s provision and sovereignty? In what situations does he live out his faith well or not so well?
8. Name and discuss some of the characters in this story who receive grace, compassion, or forgiveness. How does it affect these characters’ lives?
9. Were you surprised by Shane’s actions at the end of the story? Why do you think he made the decisions he did? In what situations is it easy to make excuses for our wrongdoing?
10. David finds many second chances through the course of this story, including an opportunity to truly become a father to his daughter. But consider if Amanda had not invited David back into her and Olivia’s life—how could David still have fulfilled his Resolution?
11. Discuss the truths of Proverbs 22:6. What does this verse say about child rearing? What does it say about children who leave the faith?
12. In what ways did the men in Courageous maintain their Resolution? In what ways did they fail to keep it? How can a man make sure his Resolution is more than just an idle promise?