Q&A on Randy Alcorn's Graphic Novel Eternity

Q&A's with Randy Alcorn about his first graphic novel, Eternity.

How much detail did you provide the artists about how you wanted the characters in Eternity to look like? Did you envision them in your head while you were writing?

I gave the artist a lot of detail, and yes I did picture the characters. You always do that when writing a novel, but this time I got an incredible artist to essentially create the storyboard for me. Amazing to see the work of Javiar Saltares, who goes by Jarv. Ben Prenevost was the colorist. Also amazing.

I wrote the manuscript first, described what I wanted in the pictures, and then they turned the artist loose. His art blew me away. The artistic detail in Eternity is just incredible. I've been handing it out to young people with no Christian background and they LOVE it from the moment they see it. Helps that the artist did Wolverine!

Have you considered turning any of your other works of fiction into graphic novels?

Eventually I would like to try to adapt an existing novel into a graphic novel. It could be fun and reach a new audience. And some of the old audience might enjoy it too. Safely Home comes to mind, and Lord Foulgrin's Letters and The Ishbane Conspiracy.

What age should kids be when they start reading Eternity?

My two 8-year-old grandsons have read it and really loved it. They are very good readers. But most 10 year olds would have no problem.

If C.S. Lewis were alive today, do you think he'd use the graphic novel genre to reach his audience?

I think Lewis would appreciate the good art and knowing that, for some people, it helps carry the words along.

I really loved Eternity. How can I share my excitement about this new book with others?

Thanks for the good word about Eternity graphic novel! If you wouldn't mind posting a review on Amazon or Christianbook.com, I would sure appreciate it. Highly rated reviews are a HUGE help in getting out the word on Amazon and elsewhere. Many people are swayed by reviews. Thanks to anyone who feels led to do that!

I'd never heard of the publisher, Kingstone Comics. What can you tell me about them?

Kingstone media is a great company. They have lots of other comics and graphic novels too. Worth checking out. My grandkids love them!

Did you write Eternity mainly for Christians, or would it be appropriate to share with unbelieving friends also?

Yes, Eternity is definitely for unbelievers too. I really worked hard to best communicate the larger gospel story, and all components of the gospel are there. I love giving away a book to unbelievers that I am nearly certain they are going to read!

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries