Safely Home the Musical Drama

Last year I received a letter and DVD from Darcy DeLeon, who teaches at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio. Darcy and her team turned my novel Safely Home into a musical drama, which was performed by the school’s students last March. A lot of effort went into producing it, and I really appreciate it!

Safely HomeDarcy writes, “The whole process was a very large endeavor for a few amateurs that just wanted to please our Lord. I taught at this small Christian school (total high school is less than 80) that love musicals but I believed with all my heart that the Lord wanted them to use their talents to participate in a Christian production... My two daughters and I read your book and God brought it to mind as we were praying and asking God’s direction in this process.” She adds, “It was quite a challenge to turn a primarily Midwest Caucasian cast into Chinese people, but I had a Chinese woman helping me capture the look on stage. It truly was amazing.” 

Below is a 2-minute clip from a scene where Ben Fielding visits his friend Li Quan in prison:

Darcy has graciously offered to make the script and materials available to others who might be interested in putting on a play based on Safely Home. (You can download them via the links at the top of this blog.) She writes, “I am hoping and praying that...the Gospel message is received and an awareness of the persecuted church becomes prevalent in the hearts of those who watch.”

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries