The Ishbane Conspiracy: Discussion Questions

These discussion guidelines for The Ishbane Conspiracy were created by Pastor Mike Siegemund and his Curriculum Development Team (Stephanie Lancaster, Rhonda Shriver and Richard Manansala) at Abundant Life Foursquare Church in Bremerton, Washington. He used them as lesson plans for a weekly discussion as his high school students were reading through The Ishbane Conspiracy. Mike says, “This book really opened our students up to deeper conversations about their faith, and increased interest in the spiritual side of their walk with Christ.”

He has generously allowed us to share these on our website so that others who might want to use this book for discussions with students may have access to these tools. You may contact him if you wish.

Chapter 1  - Introduction

Chapter 2  - Peer Pressure

Chapter 3  - Image

Chapter 4  - Sex

Chapter 5  - Occult, part 1

Chapter 6  - Occult, part 2
                  Scripture Handouts

Chapter 7  - Dating

Chapter 8  - Sin, part 1
                  Discussion Question Handout

Chapter 9  - Sin, part 2

Chapter 10- Accountability
                  Relationships of Accountability 

Chapter 11- Abortion
                  Abortion Questions List

Chapter 12- Depression

Chapter 13- Selfishness

Chapter 14- Victory