Sharing the Message of Eternity

As I shared in a blog last week, I have a missional perspective on my graphic novel Eternity. God has laid on my heart a vision for seeding the book far and wide because it includes a clear gospel presentation, embodied in a parable of Jesus into which I’ve woven depictions of Heaven and Hell. The art is exceptional. I’ve looked at a number of graphic novels, and have seen nothing like it.

I would appreciate your prayers as this book is distributed. Our ministry is giving away thousands of copies from the first printing to prisoners, Christian camps, youth ministries, and various missions organizations, including Operation Mobilization’s Logos Hope ship which will bring it into ports in many countries. (The short word count and visual images are appealing to the huge number of young people in the world who know English as a second language.) It will also be translated, we hope, into many languages.

By God’s grace our ministry already sends over 1,000 books each month to prisoners. This one will be read by thousands of prisoners, many who find it hard to read conventional books. (By the way, when people are drawn to the gospel, and come to Christ through unconventional reading material THEN there is reason to hope they will become readers of conventional books, starting with God’s Word!) The book ends with encouraging them to get connected with a Bible-teaching Christ-centered church, which our staff will help them locate in their area. We have done this many times, and the results have been very encouraging.

If God lays it on your heart to help partner with our ministry in sending Eternity and my other books to prisoners, you may donate online (choose the option "Books for Prisoners Fund" under Special Funds) or send a check to EPM designated “books for prisoners” on the memo line. 100% of the donations to this fund will be used to finance the cost of the books and materials, as well as the shipping charges. 

Above all, we would value your prayers. EPM’s staff is asking the Lord to bless our efforts and use this book for His glory and kingdom purposes by transforming many lives.

In the not too distant future, every one of us will move from time into eternity. May God use Randy Alcorn’s graphic novel Eternity to reach a lost and dying generation while there’s still time.

— Ray Comfort, host of “The Way of the Master,” author of The Beatles, God and the Bible

“Eternity is a stunning achievement—dramatic, addictive, and an exciting way to make Scripture come alive. I’m predicting a huge, growing ministry that will get the Bible into the hands of people who just like a riveting story. I’ll be buying a lot of these to give away.”

— Jerry B. Jenkins, Novelist & Biographer; Owner, Christian Writers Guild

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries