My Eternity Graphic Novel and the Unreached People Group in Our Midst

Before I get to today’s blog, I wanted to share an update on EPM’s finances for those who are interested. We are not panicking and we do not ever beg for money, but we are asking God to provide and I felt I should share our current situation with His people. If and only if you’d like to read more, you can do so here.

In last week’s blog, I introduced Eternity, my first graphic novel. Here’s a two-minute book trailer created by the publisher, Kingstone. Love the voice, don’t you?

Eternity Graphic Novel - Kingstone Trailer from Randy Alcorn - EPM on Vimeo.

I really have a missional perspective on this book. In a way, though it’s in English, because of its visual nature it’s like a translation into another language, a language that some people speak and some don’t. I’ve been realizing more and more that there are not only young people but many adults, especially men—and increasing numbers of YOUNG men—who just aren’t good readers. So, in silence, often in our churches as well as outside them, they go right on not reading even though they are technically literate.

These people are never going to read my books or 99% of Christian books, unless they find something that conveys a biblical message, moves their hearts to Christ, and motivates them to want to learn more. Many young people are becoming like an unreached people group that needs to hear the gospel in a form that is familiar and compelling enough to reach them.

While I believe that Eternity can reach some people who won’t read other books, I also believe it can be used of God to create a thirst for more and more reading. And I’m convinced it works the other way too. People who would never envision themselves reading a graphic novel are stunned to find there is not only a biblical message but profound theology that stirs them.

A note from the lead pastor of my church, Alan Hlavka, contained these encouraging words:

Last evening I read Eternity. I felt I was experiencing the vivid reality of my first months as a new believer, back in college—when the literalness of Christ’s life, death, power and presence overwhelmed my life. It really fed and challenged my heart. “First love” stuff was going on. I'm looking forward to reading this book again and again, and seeing the broad impact it's going to have in countless lives.

Bodie and Brock Thoene, authors of The Jerusalem Chronicles, said this:

Randy Alcorn’s Eternity has enormous power and potential as a ministry tool! Speaking to a generation steeped in video games and social media, Eternity’s design as an engaging, compelling graphic novel will grab young readers who would not willingly nor easily encounter the Gospel in any other written form...and then Eternity will urge them to find out more, and dig deeper!

I’d encourage you to consider using this book as a tool, as the Thoenes mentioned, and giving it to your kids, grandkids, kids at church, the youth pastor, the guy at work in his twenties, the kid across the street you think is on drugs, anyone who needs to hear the message. 

I invite you to please pray with me about this book, asking God to use Eternity in a powerful way, to touch and change lives with the gospel of Jesus. By God's grace, our ministry will hear stories of people turning to Christ.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries