Will Heaven Be Boring?

Randy Alcorn addresses the dangerous misconception that Heaven is boring. This video clip was excerpted from Randy's Eternity 101 DVD class.

Our belief that Heaven will be boring (and I hear this from people all the time) betrays a heresy—that God is boring. I think that we will see that for the lie it is if we realize that Heaven is God’s place and it’s the person whose place it is that determines the nature of the place.

So the happiest place on Earth is Mickey’s place, right? Disneyland—Disney World—California Adventure. We go there, and it’s this happy place, and people smile. You have Mickey and all of the characters on your mind. And then to hear people say, “And Heaven, which is the place of God, must be terribly boring!” What does that tell us about what we think about God? Wow!

What’s true is that our desires for pleasure and the experience of joy come directly from God’s hand. You and I would not desire pleasure if God had not put a mechanism in us, and created us in His image, to desire pleasure. It came from God. Satan did not create our desire for pleasure. He did not create our love of laughter. God created our love of laughter.

How do we know that? Because God is our Creator. It didn’t come from nowhere. It came from somewhere. Right?

God designed and gave us our taste buds, adrenaline, sex drives, and the nerve endings that convey pleasure to our brains. A reason that people assume Heaven is boring (even some Christians assume Heaven is boring), is because their Christian lives are boring. That is not God’s fault. God calls us to follow Him in an adventure that should put us on the edge of life. He’s infinite in His creativity, His goodness, His beauty, and His power.

So if we’re experiencing the invigorating stirrings of God’s Spirit and trusting Him to daily fill our lives with divine appointments, experiencing the childlike delights of His gracious daily kindnesses to us, then we will know that God is exciting and Heaven is exhilarating.

People who love God crave His companionship. To be in His presence will be the very opposite of boredom.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries