Hail of Bullets...And a Miracle of God

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The JESUS Film is arguably the single greatest evangelistic tool in history apart from the Word of God itself. I’ve visited their work in four countries and love what they do. I'll never forget years ago crowding into two homes in East Asia where Christians were showing the JESUS video to their neighbors. I counted 33 in one home and 37 in the other, eyes glued to the screen, listening in their own language to every word spoken by Jesus, straight from the Word of God.

I loved this recent story they shared from a dedicated evangelist leading a team in a dangerous nation:

“We were driving from the meeting place where many had just become followers of Jesus, many through the JESUS film. Five Christians of our evangelistic team were in one car, and 15 in a van.

“As we passed through the gate I saw two men with assault rifles. They motioned for us to stop. I shouted to the driver, ‘Don’t stop…move…move!’

“As we sped away they showered our vehicles with a hail of bullets. We could hear the bullets striking the metal. But no one was hit. When we arrived at our base, and got out to examine the damage, there was not a single mark, not a single bullet hole on either vehicle!

“We were all amazed. God had protected us miraculously. Had we stopped, they would have killed us all. We knew then He had more plans for us…”

That plan is a passionate vision…to place a DVD of “JESUS” in every home in their closed nation.

Right now, throughout the Middle East, staff and workers are requesting 64,000 DVDs to give out over the next three months. Your gift of $48 will provide them with 12 DVDs. You can make it possible for families cut off from the gospel by terrain, culture…or fear for their own safety…to watch “JESUS” again and again, in the privacy of their homes.

The JESUS Film is one of the ministries EPM is honored to support. I’ve seen the work and the workers first-hand, and can vouch for the integrity, vision, and biblical foundation of this ministry.  I encourage you to consider if God would have you invest in eternity by getting involved in financial or prayer support for this wonderful work of the Lord. 

photo credit: Taillight via photopin (license)

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries