Insights from a Kenyan Brother: No One Cried at My Friend’s Funeral

Media Associates International (MAI) is a great ministry that equips and encourages talented men and women all over the world with a passion for producing Christian literature for their own people. Believers in many other countries do not have access to Christian literature in their own unique voice that is so readily available to us in the US. We want to support their efforts so Eternal Perspective Ministries has supported MAI, and I recommend you consider supporting it, too. I appreciated this powerful and insightful message from one of their blog posts:

No One Cried at My Friend’s Funeral

John GathukuBy John Gathuku, Kenya

Yesterday we lay to rest the man who literally took me to church. No one cried at the funeral; his wife and children didn’t shed a tear.

He was our neighbor and a faithful choir member at a church in our hometown. He brought me along when he went for choir practice. We had a unique father-like friendship. On Sundays he dropped me off at children’s Sunday School. That was 30 years ago! I am now a grown man with three children. We kept in touch once in a while over the years and were always joyful to meet.

My friend was a super achiever. He pursued a bachelor’s degree at age 45 and was about to finish a doctorate at 63. His determination and tenacity was admirable. He uplifted his extended family economically and financially assisted many other people.

However something was amiss…

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