The Purity Principle, Reader Responses, and the Joyful Rewards of Sexual Purity

When Randy wrote his small book The Purity Principle, which explores the biblical foundation for purity, his prayer was that the principles and advice it contained could save many readers from disaster, setting them on a course for which they—and their families—would always be grateful.

Randy wrote:

Surveys indicate that the sexual morality of today’s Christians isn’t all that different from that of non-Christians. It’s often impossible to discern where the world ends and the church begins.

Our failure to follow the teachings of Scripture in this area undermines our ability to accomplish what God has called us to. Why? Because if we’re just like the world, we have nothing to offer it. An unholy world will never be won to Christ by an unholy church.

Why is sexual purity such an integral part of a rewarding life? Why is premarital and extramarital sex so toxic to joy? Why have so many tried and tried and tried... yet failed and failed and failed? How can we avoid the lures and snares that lock us into bondage and tear away the abundant life?

The Purity Principle sought to answer those difficult questions in a biblical, practical manner. Our ministry has been encouraged by the many positive responses we’ve received since the book was first published twelve years ago. Recently we received this review from a reader:

This is the most biblically based explanation of purity that I have read. Alcorn doesn’t skirt around the point, even if it’s a harsh one.  He knows that truth is truth, and that sin in the life of the Christian is a big deal.  There’s no skirting around or padding over its existence.  He goes straight to the Scriptures to explain not only why sexual sin is wrong, but why purity is right. Finally, the author backs up what he says.  He is aware of the incredible danger of sexual sin, and advocates doing all that it takes to remain pure (something we must all do).  This gives credit to what he says in his book, and reminds the reader that true freedom is found in Christ.

Another reader wrote:

This little treasure will forever be a great tool in my tool belt as a counselor. I have counseled a couple young men through the problem with purity and lust. Alcorn hits the heart and uses stories and analogies that will linger in your head and shake your heart. Both young men I have given this to have loved it. One of my counselees loved it so much he would tell me that he would approach the book with the thought, "What do you have to teach me today?" This book ministered to me as a teenager in high school when I struggled with lust and porn. It was a life changing and life shaping book then and it has stood the test of time now. A must have for anyone who is serious about putting lust, porn, and immorality to death.

We love this note from a young reader, and are encouraged to hear of a father taking an active, preemptive role in his son’s purity:

I am almost 12 and my dad is taking me through The Purity Principle. I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for writing that book. It has really helped me with that issue. And now whenever I am tempted I just remember your words which were “impurity is always stupid and purity is always smart.”

May we, Christ’s followers, honor God by living in sexual purity. As Randy stated in the book, “If we do, we’ll experience His blessing and rewards not only today, tomorrow, and ten years from now, but throughout eternity.”