Our Trip to Cuba and Bermuda

Lord willing, this Thursday, September 15, Nanci and I leave for a two-week trip to Cuba and Bermuda. Why go there? Nanci has a special interest in Cuba, and the Lord has really laid its people on her heart. She’s wanted to go, and I’ve told her I’m all for it.

Cuban translations of Randy Alcorn's booksWe were able to make a connection to travel with a team from ACTION Cuba, a great ministry that Eternal Perspective Ministries has supported over the years. We’ve had the opportunity to meet with Cuban pastors visiting the U.S, and among other things have provided diabetic equipment, which is hard for them to access. Also, our ministry has been working with partners to get more of my material translated into various languages, including Spanish, and we certainly have a heart for what God is doing in Cuba. Some of my books have been printed in Cuban Spanish, which I’m told has a bit of a Caribbean flavor, and many more have been translated into mainstream Spanish.

We’re really looking forward to serving our brothers and sisters in Cuba through several different ministry opportunities. My prayer is that God uses those opportunities to get the Gospel to unbelievers and to encourage believers and churches. We want to be God’s servants there, to help however we can, including reaching out to the young people. (ACTION Cuba has some FAQs for those wondering what ministry in Cuba looks like.)

The Bermuda part of our trip came about last year when I spoke in Plano, Texas at Prestonwood Baptist. While signing books, I met a pastor of a great international church in Bermuda, composed of a lot of people from a lot of places. He asked if I would speak at his church.

When you’re already traveling over three thousand miles from Portland to Cuba, the additional thousand miles to Bermuda doesn’t seem that far. So we decided to combine the trips and say yes to Bermuda also.  

I’ll be doing a Q&A on biblical finances seminar at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, as well as a Q&A on Heaven in their Sunday services. I’ve been in international churches in various parts of the world, and there’s something very special about them. Being together with people from “every tribe and nation” is like a foretaste of Heaven (Revelation 7:9). Nanci and I will also enjoy some vacation time together while there, snorkeling for sure, and maybe some diving for me.

We would appreciate your prayers for smooth flights and customs, as well as for avoiding hurricanes (it’s hurricane season both in Cuba and Bermuda). I’d also appreciate prayer for health and stamina, as my insulin-dependent diabetes and TMJ can both be a factor when I spend long hours speaking and talking with people—which, of course, I look forward to doing. And please pray for divine appointments for Nanci and me both as we minister to those we meet. As those of you who’ve traveled and ministered internationally know, it’s good to expect the unexpected, and to be ready to minister at any time to whoever God brings across our path.

Above all, Nanci and I want to experience all God has for us and both give to and receive freely from our brothers and sisters. We want the Holy Spirit to work powerfully in and through us, encouraging and teaching and learning from the church in Cuba and Bermuda. Thanks for praying. We’ve always sensed the difference it makes, especially on international trips.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries