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Picturing HeavenBook Reviews of Picturing Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Talk about stunning! This amazing adult coloring book is not only perfect for fans of coloring but also for use as a quick devotional.

Randy Alcorn...has created forty short devotionals all revolving around heaven for this beautiful book. Ranging in topic from the New Jerusalem to the pleasure God takes in giving us good gifts, he expounds on a scripture for each devotional in a concise but meaningful manner.

Then, to add to the experience, each devotional comes with a coloring page accompanying it. The illustrations by Lizzie Preston are stunning and I absolutely love the gold accents each page has.

Not only is it a topic we don't focus on enough on a daily basis, but it's done in such a way that you can find rest in the activities of coloring as much as thinking through the various scriptures used.

I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy adult coloring books. It would make a wonderful gift (especially with Easter in mind) and will provide not only enjoyment from the lovely images but also insight into heaven in a way that Randy Alcorn is famous for! 

–Emilie Hendryx, writer and blogger 

Randy Alcorn, a leading authority on Heaven, pairs inspirational devotions with Lizzie Preston’s imaginative illustrations in Picturing Heaven a scripture based, devotional coloring book.

Each devotion portrays a different aspect of Heaven further enhanced by an intricate, corresponding illustration to color with crayons, inks or pencils. While the overall theme is Heaven, that “special place God has prepared for those who love Him,” the devotions offer comfort, encouragement and assurance that Heaven is also a place of rest and enjoyable, meaningful work. An idea in stark contrast to being bored and floating on clouds with harps in hand as many believe. Only one of many reasons why Heaven, by Randy Alcorn, released in 2004, belongs on every believer’s bookshelf.

Picturing Heaven has a sewn binding and is printed on heavy-weight paper. Each two-page spread contains devotions on the left with illustrations to color outlined in gold on the right. Each of forty readings begin with a title that summarizes the devotional theme followed by one or two scripture verses and a brief hope-filled study.

This study features “life in God’s new universe,” a life that will be captivating and exciting with animals, galaxies, flowers and star systems to study. One of many points to ponder in this reading is the concept of boredom. The author reminds readers, boredom “is one of Satan’s favorite heresies,” which is the exact opposite of what the Bible portrays. Other readings focus on “heavenly thinking,” being “in the presence of God’s angels,” “eternal freedom from sorrow” and much, much more.

This imaginative and fun devotional coloring journal is a delightful find in adult coloring books. with its broad, overview of the power and majesty of Heaven for all who trust and believe in Christ. The fascinating study offers hope and the intricate illustrations invite readers artistic expression as they color, blend and highlight the golden images of Heaven.

–Gail WelbornMidwest Book Review

“As you ponder these pictures and participate in the art, you’ll more fully appreciate Christ’s promise — not of a ghostly existence, but of resurrected bodies and minds in a … universe ruled by Jesus.”

Randy Alcorn once again returns to the topic of Heaven with his new devotional book Picturing Heaven: 40 Hope-Filled Devotions with Coloring Pages. His new coloring journal is illustrated by Lizzie Preston. Her images, any of which are quite intricate, are filled with whimsy and beauty, and all are tinted with gold — I’m guessing to reflect the golden images of Heaven we all have.

In his introduction, Alcorn explains the purpose of Picturing Heaven is meant to be a reflection of the time when God will not only resurrect our bodies but will also create a New Earth, where He will dwell with us. Through Alcorn’s brief devotionals and Preston’s inspirational drawings, we can attempt to imagine what that new world will be like.

Meant to serve as both a creative expression and spiritual inspiration, Picturing Heaven allows us to nourish our faith through artistic creativity and biblical study.

Each devotion contains one page of text — beginning with a verse or two followed by a paragraph of points to ponder — and one picture based on that particular theme to color. Some topics Alcorn covers include Experiencing the Best of Eden, Eternal Freedom from Sorrow, Spend Eternity Exploring Creation with Jesus, and No More Pain, Tears, or Death. He also tackles what some might consider controversial topics like Will We Reunite with Our Beloved Pets?, Maybe We’ll See Extinct Animals Come to Life, and Will We Travel to Galaxies Far, Far Away?

Picturing Heaven is a delightful book that gives a brief, yet broad overview of Heaven and the New Earth God will create for His believers, stretching you to think beyond the terms you ever thought about Heaven and God.

–Sposted on Amazon.com

It has been years, probably over a decade, since I've read Randy Alcorn's Heaven. The picture he paints of eternity is breathtakingly beautiful. Now readers who have either read the book and would like a refresher as well as those who have not had the opportunity to read it, are presented with Picturing Heaven: 40 Hope-filled Devotions with Coloring Pages.

At 9.7-by-9.7 inches, this book is larger than a regular coloring book and includes a Bible verse and paragraph or two devotional opposite each coloring page.

One of the best things about this book for me is that the coloring pages range in difficulty. It is hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time on those complexly designed coloring pages. Picturing Heaven offers some easier options along with the more detailed ones. And every one already gives you a head start with a little gold filled in already.

This is an ideal gift for someone who enjoys quiet reflections or may be stuck at home--maybe recovering from an illness or such. Or you could give it to a coworker or friend as a gift with a pack of colored pencils. I'm sure there are many more ideas. What would you do with a copy of Picturing Heaven?

–Suzanne Waltnerposted on Amazon.com