Readers' Responses to Picturing Heaven

Picturing Heaven

This book is super cute! It has some pretty cool blurbs from Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven and who doesn’t like to color?! After reading the small devotionals in here it just made me realize I want to know more about Heaven, I know so little. Everyone passes away at some point so I really want to know what’s next! I want to be excited for what is to come instead of afraid of the unknown. –B.

I like to get books for my daughter like this. She is a tween, so I like to incorporate something fun as she read and learns about spirituality. She loves it and asked me to get some for her friends. –A.X.M. 

This beautiful book [Picturing Heaven] by far passed my expectation. When I received it in the mail and began to flip through the pages I got so excited! Such beauty! The illustrations are amazing..[and] the devotions are just as beautiful as the pictures. –L.M.K.

Thank you for sending me the Picturing Heaven coloring book. I love it! The devotionals go along with the coloring pages perfect. As I color the page, I think about what the scripture means. I share the pages with my daughter at home. It gives us a chance to talk about God when I call home. Thank you so much. –W. (prison inmate)

After my husband died, I immediately tracked down a copy of Randy Alcorn’s Heaven book. My daughters were asking lots of questions… I also bought Heaven for Kids…those two books invited us into conversation and using our imaginations about what Heaven would be like.
   Recently, I was scrolling through Instagram and happened upon the cover image of a new coloring book devotional using some of the content from Alcorn’s Heaven book. I ordered Picturing Heaven right away, thinking it would be a great gift for my [daughters]. What I discovered is that God intended to use the coloring book to minister mostly to me. I have been reading this devotional with my family – my new husband and my three daughters, who are now ages 6, 8 and 11. We all have resonated with it on our own terms. We also love getting out our colored pencils and coloring the pages while we chat about the content. I would highly recommend Picturing Heaven for any individual or family, especially those navigating grief. It would make a great gift to share with friends along with a nice set of colored pencils! –D.G.

Many of us use coloring books as an escape, a way to relax and separate ourselves from the stresses of the world... and let's be honest there are a LOT of stresses out there. But this coloring book provides that escape in such a beautiful way. It reminds us that this world is all just temporary and that one day, we will go to this magnificent place that God has prepared for us. There will be no stresses, no pain... just beauty. –R.S.

This book gave me a lot to think about and some beautiful pages to color! If you are looking to add meditation on God's word in a new way, I highly recommend this coloring book. –M.J.

I cannot wait to go to Heaven to be with God and Jesus, so a book like this is apropos. I like that the written words are short and to the point about so many Heaven-related topics, while the charming illustrations are creative and engaging. –C.

I really love this coloring book devotional. The coloring pages are really pretty and intricate and they inspire me to grow closer to God. I'm very excited about my Heavenly home as a result of engaging with this wonderful book. S.

I love this coloring book! It's a great part of my quiet time with God. I read and meditate on the given scripture and commentary by Randy Alcorn as I color the page. So relaxing and I find it keeps my focus on Heaven rather than this world. P.S.

This is a lovely Scripture-based coloring book with devotionals. The revelation to me are the devotionals by Mr. Alcorn. He has a wonderful way of keeping right to the heart of the subject both quickly and eloquently. I plan to make each devotional a Bible Study lesson for myself. I.R.

This is a delightful book! Meant to serve as both a creative expression and spiritual inspiration, Picturing Heaving allows us to nourish our faith through artistic creativity and biblical study. The images...are filled with whimsy and beauty, and all are tinted with gold, I’m guessing to reflect the golden images of Heaven we all have. Anyone who enjoys studying Heaven and the end times, as well as those who are a fan of the adult coloring trend will love this book. S.

I have had a lot of coloring books and use some of the pages framed and on my wall, but. I believe this one is the prettiest that I have seen. It just took my breath when I opened it the first time as the cover is colored in beautiful colors.  –E.T. 

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