The U.S. Sends Millions to Countries That Persecute Their Own Citizens—for Being Christian

My friend Kerby Anderson, host of the Point of View radio talk show, is a veteran spokesman for causes honoring to Christ. I was very touched by what he wrote below and asked if we could share it. Let’s take it to heart and take appropriate action too. —Randy Alcorn

We Pay Them for This?

by Kerby Anderson

It’s hard to wrap your mind around. Every year, we send millions of dollars to countries that persecute their own citizens—for being Christian.

Open Doors ministry produces their World Watch List once a year. In it, they rank the countries of the world based on their persecution of, and opposition to, Christianity. The stories they tell about what these people face is unimaginable.

Stories like Hannah Cho in North Korea. Her mother was a Christian and taught her a very simple prayer when she was a child. Hannah still prays that prayer every day. She and her husband had six children before they were arrested for their faith. They were sent to a labor camp where they endured unimaginable torture and starvation. Eventually, Hannah was released, but her husband died in that camp, suffering at the hands of his tormentors.

In North Korea, Christians are viewed as hostile elements in society that must be eliminated. It ranks #1 on Open Doors list of the worst persecutors of Christianity. Yet… we gave North Korea $3.5 million in 2017 (most recent numbers available).

In Afghanistan, Christians can have their property seized, can be beaten, and even face death at the hands of their own family members or others in their community.

Ranking #2 on the list, Afghanistan received $5.7 billion from the US in 2017. Most of that was military aid, but $1.3 billion was not.

Rounding out just the top five on the list are Somalia ($584 million), Sudan ($193 million), and Pakistan ($837 million). Just these five worst offenders received almost $2 billion in non-military aid in 2017.

Every year, we give away billions of dollars to build up the economies of countries where people suffer and die, simply for following Christ.

Contact the President today and ask him to use U.S. financial aid as leverage to stop the persecution of Christians…Take a moment to stand in the gap for Christians around the world who are suffering for their faith.

The author would like to thank Warren Kelley (President of Point of View) for his contribution to the development of this article.

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Photo by kantsmith on Pixabay