Kirk Cousins and I Discuss Heaven, Happiness, and Generosity

Last month Holland Christian Schools in Holland, Michigan welcomed back to campus a graduate of their school—Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, and former QB of the Washington Redskins. I was asked to join Kirk in doing a fundraiser for the school, where he interviewed me about various topics close to both my heart and his.

Kirk is a faithful and Christ-centered brother, and this interview provides a view of a high-profile pro athlete that’s rarely seen. The quality of Kirk’s questions and comments as he interviews me is remarkable. He’s read books I’ve written on Heaven and Happiness, as well as on financial stewardship and giving, and though I’ve been interviewed many times, Kirk was one of the best interviewers I’ve ever had. Because we’ve gotten to know each other well over the last few years, there’s a mutual understanding and trust, and some humor too.

Here are some of the questions and topics we covered:

​What’s the difference between the present Heaven and the future Heaven?

​Can those in Heaven watch what’s happening here on earth?

Will we have regret in Heaven, when we finally see with an eternal perspective? Will we regret we “missed it” in some ways?

What age will we be in Heaven?

Is it wrong to be want to be happy?

What bad news and good news about wealth does Scripture give us?

How do we take hold of the good life, “the life that is truly life” (1 Timothy 6)?

If interested, I encourage you to watch this all the way through to the end, so you don’t miss Kirk’s heartfelt admonition to be “all in” with giving to God’s Kingdom:

Last year Kirk and his wonderful wife Julie started the Julie and Kirk Cousins Foundation. You can read about their vision for the foundation, which is about investing in what matters and will outlast this life. More information about their foundation and the worthy ministries they support is here.

If you didn’t see the outstanding Football Sunday video back in February, here’s a portion where Kirk speaks about both his spiritual and sports journeys:

For more on eternity, see Randy’s book Heaven as well as his other related Heaven books. Also see his books HappinessThe Treasure Principle, and Managing God’s Money.

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Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries