Readers' Responses to It's All About Jesus

It's All About Jesus

This is one of the top 5 best Christian books I have read. If you really want to know Jesus Christ, this is the book. Using Bible verses, as well as short quotes from various theological experts, Randy Alcorn paints a wonderful picture of who Christ truly is. His love, nature, heart, compassion, deity, etc… if I were to recommend one book to further your walk with Christ (not including the Bible), It’s All About Jesus by Randy Alcorn would hands down be my choice. M. 

This volume points to the profound depth and beauty of Jesus through the eyes of the Body of Christ. I find it best savored in small slices daily, for the glories of Christ is such that the limitation of my humanity on this side of eternity cannot possibly absorb even the sliver of glory revealed in this volume all at once. A.

Fantastic book! Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Well structured and organised, and a gift to have all these amazing quotes to learn from in one place. S.R. 

I highly recommend It’s All About Jesus to anyone who already trusts and follows Him. This book will help increase your desire to know Him more intimately. I would also certainly recommend it to those who may only know OF Jesus. This book could be a significant help to you in your search for the truth about Him, and it should also reveal that life, like this book, is all about Jesus! —J.

This book is a must read for believers but it is also a very good book for people who are searching and trying to understand why people would become a Christian. Skeptics and those who think Jesus is not relevant will likely look at their greatest biases and find some answers in this book that could lead them to change their hearts and minds. —D.S.

Books like this one are so powerful...Some of the quotes made me look at something in a way I'd never considered before. Spurgeon was quoted, "We are happy to think Christ is happy. I do not know whether you have ever drank that joy, Believer, but I have found it a very sweet joy to be joyful because Christ is joyful". I had never thought about what impact that should have on my life. It's also not the way I often think of Jesus. This book had many such quotes that challenged perceptions I didn't even know I had. This is a book that I will savor...It gave me a deeper appreciation for my Savior and all that He is and has done. —R.