Endorsements and Book Reviews of It's All About Jesus

Book Reviews of It's All About Jesus by Randy Alcorn

 It's All About Jesus  Newly released in September, 2020, Randy has brought us a combination of Biblical quotations from Jesus own words and observations from the apostles along with historical and contemporary inputs about Jesus. How unique to organize these observations around most all of the emotions and situations that we experience in life. The contrasts of Jesus’ nature are so on display as you can find in Part 1 the extremes of Christ’s Humor and Christ’s Power. In Part 2, you can find aspects of Jesus life by observing his “Birth” and “Death” and many of the important aspects of his ministry. In Part 3, he examines all the names and titles of Jesus; while in Part 4 there are wonderful references to “OUR” relationship with Jesus.
   This is a wonderful book to bring along to your Bible study or when preparing your sermon or speech at school when you want to find what would Jesus say or what do people say about Jesus on a specific topic. In Part 4, I was particularly drawn to Our Mission with Jesus (p. 240) and Our Future with Jesus (p. 293) as both appeal to my learning more about what to focus on now and what we all can imagine in our future with Jesus.
   Randy has balanced the priority of Scripture over opinion by making certain that each section leads with what the Bible says on each topic and then trying to meld as many valid thoughts of others on each topic. Thankfully, he does not ignore his own work from previous writings so that if he has a personal point of view to share, he does so in good taste. This is a wonderful book and I have already purchased additional copies to give as gifts.
   This book is a must read for believers but it is also a very good book for people who are searching and trying to understand why people would become a Christian. Skeptics and those who think Jesus is not relevant will likely look at their greatest biases and find some answers in this book that could lead them to change their hearts and minds. 

— Dwight Short, Reviewer, posted on Amazon