In Heaven, Will We Be Able to See Our Loved Ones on Earth? Or Will It Be a Blink of an Eye Until They’re with Us?

Question from a reader:

When we die and go to heaven do you think we will be able to “look down” on our loved ones that are still living? Or will it be literally like the blink of an eye before they are with us because time is so different?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

Do people in Heaven see what’s happening on earth, and do they remember?

And here’s an article addressing it.

Regarding the part about whether there’s time and process in Heaven, so it might seem only an instant has passed, some of that is addressed above, but these address it specifically:

Video: Is there time in Heaven? 

Short article: Will Time No Longer Exist in Heaven?

Here’s a somewhat related article: What Are My Loved Ones Experiencing in the Present Heaven?

Hope that helps. If you want more, in my big book Heaven, I deal with these at greater length.

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