Will I Be Able to Live out My Dream of Farming on the New Earth?

Question from a reader:

I’ve always wanted to operate a big farm and use tractors. My dream is to run a big dairy farm in Heaven and on the New Earth. Do you think our Lord and King Jesus will allow me to do that?

Answer from Stephanie Anderson, EPM staff:

I love what Randy writes about unfulfilled dreams and Heaven:

Are any of us living with the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams? In Heaven we may shed some dreams as secondary and unworthy, but other dreams we will still have, I think, only to find their fulfillment. Did poverty, poor health, war, or lack of time prevent you from pursuing an adventure or dream or going to some wonderful place? Did you never get to finish building that boat or painting that picture or writing that book—or reading that pile of books? Good news. The New Earth will be a land of second chances. Worthy dreams, those from God, will yet be fulfilled, and far more new dreams besides.

Speculation? Some of it. But if you listen to the words of Jesus, weigh the far reaches of Christ’s redemptive work, grasp the meaning of resurrection and the New Earth, and above all if you know the amazing grace and surprising kindness of our God...then in my mind these are dreams that we have every reason to believe will not only be met, but far exceeded.

We know that the New Earth will truly be earthy so there will be plants and animals. And we’re told that God Himself will prepare us a rich feast one day (Isaiah 25:6) and presumably that will include savoring foods cultivated and cultured on the New Earth. It’s certainly possible that there will be farms and farmers to care for crops. In Genesis 1:28 God tells His people to fill and govern the earth. Good farming practices certainly fall within the scope of careful stewardship and will very likely be welcome on the New Earth.

Now about the tractors—the Lord only knows! But it’s certainly possible that technology  (which, though sometimes used for sinful ends, is not in itself part of the Curse) will be on the New Earth, and perhaps something even much more advanced. Randy wrote in his Heaven book: “Some people expect the New Earth to be a return to Eden, with no technology or the accomplishments of civilization. But that doesn’t fit the biblical picture of the great city, the New Jerusalem. Nor is it logical. Would we expect on the New Earth a literal reinvention of the wheel?”

For sure, we know that awaits us is wonderful beyond what we can imagine!

Photo by Volker Thimm

Stephanie Anderson is the communications and graphics specialist at Eternal Perspective Ministries.