What Resources Do You Recommend to Refute the Idea of Reincarnation?

Question from a reader:

A friend is struggling with the idea of reincarnation. She seems to need clarification from an expert, someone who has researched, someone of authority, such as Randy, to reassure herself of the truth. She says she personally does not believe in reincarnation, but has loved ones around her that do and wants to know how to address this. Where could we find a source refuting reincarnation?

Answer from Brenda Abelein, EPM staff:

I agree with you that reincarnation is not a biblical concept believers in Jesus should hold to. Here are a few articles from our EPM website that may help your friend:

Photo by Aniket Bhattacharya on Unsplash

Brenda Abelein worked as a ministry assistant at Eternal Perspective Ministries.