Brenda Abelein

Brenda Abelein worked as a ministry assistant at Eternal Perspective Ministries.

Why Is It Necessary for Me to Find and Be Part of a Local Church?

article July 31, 2019

Question from a reader:

In your 
Heaven book, you say that if we are looking for a Bible-teaching church to contact your ministry. I was brought up in church and have gone to several, but I find the focus seems to be more on social connections and entertainment. I study your books and listen to solid Bible teaching. I do not really understand why I need to find a church, but your book seems to say it is necessary. Can you explain why?

What Are Your Thoughts About the Use Of Drums in Church Worship?

article July 13, 2018

Question from a reader:

I’m currently reading Heaven (excellent!), and help was offered in finding a new church with good suggestions. We moved to a new town earlier this year and the difficulty for me lies in the use of drums, which perhaps should not be a factor. However, as chairman of our music committee in our former church, I studied music in the Bible and found no use of drums. Perhaps they are placed among the other percussion instruments, but I have not yet been able to justify their use when some congregants must wear ear plugs or skip the preliminary “worship and praise” in an otherwise Biblically centered church. Still praying for God’s leading, would appreciate your thoughts as well.