Randy Alcorn and Greg Laurie Discuss Heaven for Kids

Randy Alcorn and Greg Laurie (senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship) had a conversation about Randy’s book Heaven for Kids. They talk about everything from whether Heaven will be boring, to training young minds about Heaven, to hamburgers. Don’t miss this fun discussion!


Here are some clips from the podcast, if you'd like to listen to certain parts of the discussion:

How are things going personally for you as grieve? Do you see Heaven differently because of your experience of grief? Why should we think deeply about Heaven?

Is Heaven going to be a boring place?

What is the biggest misunderstanding kids have about Heaven? Won't life on the New Earth be even better than our present life?

How do we train young minds to see Heaven as real? Will this book help kids understand Heaven is real?

What is Heaven? Where is Heaven? Most importantly, how do we get to Heaven?

Why do you invite kids to have their parents take them on an excursion to the junk yard? Why does investing in eternity matter? Why should Christians be generous in this life?

Will we be different than angels in Heaven? Do we become angels?

When a child experiences death and loss, is that a good time to begin a conversation about Heaven?

What happens to pets when they die? Might there be talking animals in Heaven?

Should children's understanding of Heaven be based on a progressive explanation?

What is the most challenging question to answer about Heaven? What about sports in Heaven?

How can investing in others' success during playing sports be a preview of Heaven? 

When you order a burger, what do you order on it? Will there be hamburgers in Heaven?

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries