What Are Your Thoughts about Self-Defense and Carrying a Weapon?

Question from a reader:

Do you support guns and a lack of gun control in this country? I see this as an inconsistency in the pro-life movement. The common idea put forward for guns is one of self-defense, yet I have yet to see a biblical theology of self-defense. There is a biblical theology of self-sacrifice as demonstrated by our Lord.

Answer from EPM staff:

Randy shared these thoughts:

I am not personally a gun enthusiast, and I am not at all excited about the idea of assault weapons being owned by individuals (who, even when trustworthy, can have them stolen). I believe in waiting periods and restrictions that make it more difficult for unstable people and criminals to get guns. Yet I also believe in the Second Amendment, and that responsibly armed individuals can prevent crimes. As, for example, in mass shootings when a citizen has pulled a weapon to take out the shooter.

Regarding self-defense, I think the Sermon on the Mount can be taken out of context to justify a pacifism that facilitates evil. If every Christian refused to defend themselves, their family, and their country, the result would be tyranny. Hitler would have won World War II.

I just don’t know what else to say on guns per se—I don’t want to be a spokesperson one way or another.

Wayne Grudem, a brother Randy appreciates, shares some related thoughts on guns and self-defense. This is a helpful blog post giving some different perspectives from Grudem and John Piper, who disagree on this issue but respect each other.

These resources are more on the just war theory, but they may also be of interest.

May the Lord give you wisdom as you follow and seek Him.