If Cremation Is a Form of Paganism, Would It Keep Us from Being with Jesus?

Question from a reader:

My wife and I elected a long time ago to be cremated when we pass away. We have always understood that this doesn’t pose a problem in our journey to be with our Lord and Savior. However, I recently heard it said by a source I trust  that cremation is a form of paganism. While I cannot find a scriptural basis supporting either position, I have become quite concerned because a dear friend of mine has posed the question to us. I offhandedly gave her my position that in either case each turns into dust and that I didn't believe cremation would keep us from our Lord and Savior. What are your thoughts?

Answer from Brenda Abelein, former EPM staff:

I agree with you that the form of disposition you choose for your body after you die will NOT keep you from eternal life with Jesus if you have responded to the gospel and believed in Jesus’s death for your sins.

That said, Randy shares some of his personal thoughts on burial and cremation in this blog, even addressing the paganism issue you mention. Toward the end of the blog, he also mentions and links to a John Piper article on the same topic which will give you additional information. As you will see from reading the blog, Randy’s preference is burial. But he also says there is no evidence to label cremation as biblically wrong. It’s one of those many questions we can ask God about someday, that He did not give us a black and white answer about in the Bible.

I hope the link to Randy’s blog above will be helpful!

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Brenda Abelein worked as a ministry assistant at Eternal Perspective Ministries.