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Under Grace, Not Sin

While the Christian life is certainly fraught with temptations and struggles, Christ’s work on our behalf is sufficient to give us victory over sin so it does not master us.

Was Jesus Capable of Sinning?

Since Jesus is God He cannot be tempted by evil, yet He has been tempted in every way we are (and surely we are tempted by evil!). This is one of many paradoxes in Scripture. 

Helping One Another Forsake Sin and Follow Jesus

All too often, as believers we don’t realize that the greatest kindness we can offer each other is the truth. Our job is not just to help each other feel good but to help each other be good. We often seem to think that our only options are to: 1) speak the truth hurtfully; or 2) say nothing in the name of grace. This is a lie.

The Two Sworn Enemies of Our Joy

William Whitaker, who was a Puritan and a Cambridge University professor in the 16th century, spoke of “sinning away that happiness wherein we were created.” And that is a very graphic picture not only of what Adam and Eve did, but also what we who are conceived as sinners and have a sin nature do

Are All Sins Equal?

When I first became a Christian I was repeatedly taught “All sins are alike to God.” While there is some truth in this, there is also much untruth. All sin is bad, of course—all sin crucified Jesus. But is all sin the same to God?

Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature?

First, we need to define sin nature. The “nature” of a person or object is commonly thought of as its essential qualities or attributes; that which makes it what it is.