Should a Woman Be Forced to Give up Her Bodily Autonomy and the Voluntary Use of Her Womb?

article November 26, 2021
When a mother carries a child in her womb, she is carrying her own child who is receiving nutrients from her, not a random stranger in need of a bone marrow transplant (even then, someone giving their bone marrow to save a stranger’s life would be widely applauded and seen as a wonderful thing). A pregnant woman has not yet seen her baby’s face and heard her baby’s cries, but they are just as real and precious inside the womb as outside.

The Problem with Abortion Abolitionism, and an Appeal to Prolifers to Work Together

article October 18, 2021
Over the years, we’ve received numerous comments and feedback from those who consider themselves abortion abolitionists. I honestly appreciate their passion to see abortion ended. Any sincere prolifer would be ecstatic if abortion were made illegal. Unfortunately, their methods and philosophy, and their antagonistic stance to other prolifers, are often problematic. My thanks to Scott Klusendorf for this article explaining the problems with abolitionism and giving a defense of prolife incrementalism.