Heaven Videos

Life Impact Clips:

Randy Alcorn at Life Impact on Heaven and Happiness (Full Clip)

Where Do Our General Misconceptions of Heaven and Hell Come from? 

When We Understand Heaven, It Changes How We Live

Why Are We Fearful When We Think of Being with Jesus in Heaven?

How Do Heaven and Happiness Go Together?

We Know We Can't Earn Salvation, so How Do Eternal Rewards Play into Our Lives Now?

You Say That When You Die, We Can't Take It with Us but We Can Send It on Ahead. What Is the "It" You are Referring to?

I've Always Had a Hard Time Understanding the Reality of Hell. Can You Help Us Understand?


Canvas Conference Clips:

Creativity in the New Creation (Fill Clip)

What Is Heaven?

Is Heaven Physical? 

How Do the Things of the New Earth Connect to the Physical Resurrection of Christ? 

How Do We Get to Heaven?


Eternity 101 Clips:

Heaven: The Dwelling Place of God 

Contrasting Heaven and Earth

Philippians 1:21,23-Being with Christ vs. Soul Sleep

Hebrews 11:13-16-This Earth Is not Our Home

Homesick for Heaven 

Living with an Eternal Perspective

Confessing to a Fear of Heaven 

Is Heaven an Unending Church Service?

John 14:1-3-Jesus Preparing a Place for Us

This Life Is Fleeting; The Next Is Eternal

The Christian's Perspective of Death

God Will Swallow Death

Is the Present Heaven a Physical Place? 

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Will We Have Bodies in the Present Heaven?

What Is Life Like in the Present Heaven?

Do People in Heaven Remember Their Lives on Earth?

What Do People in the Present Heaven Know About Earth?

How Do People in Heaven See God?

Individuals in Heaven 

Is There Time in Heaven?

The Doctrine of Eternal Rewards

Should We Study the Present Heaven or the New Earth?

Eternal Investments

Resurrection Changes Everything 

Heaven Fulfills Our Desires-Literally 

Does Everyone Live Forever?

Will Heaven Be Boring?

What Makes Heaven Great?

Heaven Is the Happiness of God 

Continuity Between Our Current and Future Lives 

What Do We Know About Heaven?

How Accessible Will Jesus Be to Us in Heaven?

What Will Our Daily Routine Be in Heaven?

How Will We React When We First Enter the Presence of God?

Enjoying Rewards Is Loving God 

Do More Rewards Make One Person Happier than Another?

What Are "True Riches"?

Why Does God Reward Us?

Will We Lose Our Personalities in Heaven?

In Heaven Will We Desire Relationships with Other People, Apart from God?

Will Animals Inhabit the New Earth?