Denying the Holocaust

Note from Randy: I’m printing this disturbing letter I recently received in the hopes that its implicit anti-Semitism and denial and distortion of reality will serve as a wake-up call to morally conservative Christians who are tempted to look the other way from racism and denial of racial atrocities. The writer of the letter makes some good points about Christians being persecuted throughout history, and with that I certainly agree. However, to deny the slaughter of Jews in Europe during WWII is to edit the realities of history. Jesus said Satan is a liar and a murderer. If my involvement in the abortion issue has taught me anything, it’s that when murder happens on a large scale, it is always accompanied by lies to cover that murder.

Mr. Alcorn:

I’ve just finished your Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments. A good, useful manual. But your excellent research in one direction is somewhat diluted by your rank subservience to any and every convenient (and untrue) cliché in another. Can’t you see the just-too-cute, trite nonsense, at least in some of your more fanciful comparisons, concerning Hitler and the holycause?

I realize it makes good emotional copy after 50 years of mainstream hype, but how is it that it never occurs to you to use the well-documented, and hundreds of times greater, crimes of communists against Christians? I challenge you to give the same thorough research to Nazi Germany as you have to abortion.

I’m willing to bet that your mental picture of the “holocaust” is those bodies stacked like cordwood to be burned, as first promoted in Life magazine. It may surprise you to know that those bodies were actually German old men, women and children (mostly refugees fleeing the rape of Stalin’s satanic horde) murdered at Dresden by American and British bombers, of which my brother was the pilot of one. Half a million innocents killed in two non-stop days of “firestorm” bombing (a true holocaust consumption by fire) so that Churchill, with Roosevelt’s blessing, could show “uncle Joe” western power. Still the single most callused kill of all recorded time, exceeding each atomic drop on Japan in victims.

Considering the German penchant for efficiency and record keeping, why have NO records ever been found for any killing programs, and if they existed off the record why didn’t Nazis, like the soviets in Katrn forest and the communist Kymar Rouge, simply march the victims to a ditch in the country and put a sharp hoe or a bullet to the back of the neck rather than going to the insane expense of “death camps” in the middle of a hectic war? On the other hand, if they had work camps where “enemies of the state” could be put to use making munitions, etc., there is logic for efficiency.

Why is it that the 6 million Jew count, regularly downsized by facts, especially since the opening of Soviet archives, remains 6 million in all mainstream pronouncements? It’s the same type of lying you decry on the abortion issue. Communists worldwide have steadily martyred, through most of this century, over a hundred million mostly Christians, the greatest human destruction of all, except, perhaps, the flood. Yet not once do you, a professed Christian, example that group when drawing a simile to abortion; it’s always the Jews.

The fault on your part is that of being numbed by the constant media big lie in combination with is memory hole (and, I suspect, church doctrine). Yet you readily spot these tactics in the abortion issue. If the press (or the church) is untrustworthy in one issue, why do you slovenly accept as gospel any far-fetched spew from it in another?

If you are a Christian you must accept the plain fact that Christians are God’s chosen people, none other. God rent the veil on the Holy of Holys and LEFT IT the instant Christ died on the cross. What is this schizophrenia of claiming to be one of the new gospel while putting on a pedestal those of the old, whom God himself condemned and put behind Him? Forget Scofield and read the plain words of the book. Especially those of Christ about the Pharisees, today’s rabbis. When a Jew becomes a Christian he is a Christian, not a Jew, as per the originals. (Yes, Judaism is a belief system, not a racial one. Remember Sammy Davis, Jr.? You can’t convert to another race.)

To a Christian the sacred dead are the Christian dead. If he considers another group so, he is not a Christian but a party to that other group. Mourn for those multiple millions of your Christian brethren horribly tortured to death, mostly at the hands of brutal communist Jews. Or the ten million largely Christian Germans who just disappeared off the face of the earth after WW2, with the help and consent of people like Dwight Eisenhower. These words are backed by the kind of research you have put into abortion (note enclosures from the current Spotlight national newspaper, which is so hated by the powerful it would be forced out of business if not truthful); the stuff taught in our schools and churches, mainstream media and the “holocaust centers” is 99% self-promoting ADL fantasy.

Do your own research, prove me wrong, I beg you. But ask yourself, which is the greater evil, NATIONAL socialism (Nazis) or INTERNATIONAL socialism (communism, “our” side in WW2)? Have you ever heard of a Jewish Nazi? How about a Jewish communist? We agree totally on the abortion issue; please don’t insult me with similes of nasty Nazis or the poor, long-suffering Jews. The big lie of the winners of the war does NOT drive out truth, for truth is from God and is unchangeable. Christians have an obligation to live within His truth.

From Randy: I did not include the writer’s name, though I think he wouldn’t have been embarrassed had I done so. It’s disconcerting to hear him say he shares our beliefs not only about abortion but the Bible and Christianity, and to see him still end up where he does on this issue. If you wish to see an outstanding refutation of the beliefs embraced by the writer of this letter (and by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of others), see the Nizkor responses to the 66 arguments denying the holocaust:
Answers to Holocaust Denial.