A Father Visits His Son's Killers

On November 9, almost six years from the day Aucas slew his son with four other missionaries in Ecuador, T. E. McCully of Wheaton, IL, visited the Aucas in their own village. He wanted to personally visit the tribe who had confessed their guilt in slaying the missionaries—all of whom now confessed belief in Christ.

Four Auca women said that the missionaries could have shot down the Auca men and saved their lives.

I believe they reasoned thusly: “If we shoot the Aucas, we will send them to hell; if they spear us, they will send us to glory.”

These five brave men said more. “If we shoot the Aucas, we will put missionary work hundreds of years behind.” If one had been shot, it is doubtful if the Aucas would have been reached with the gospel.

I believe these five said more than this. “Lord Jesus Christ, Thou eternal Son of God, maker of heaven and earth, if You loved us enough to die for us, surely we ought to love You enough to die for You.”

These five young men, though dead, are speaking and saying to us “How much do you love the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you love Him enough to die for Him?” Oh, He may not ask us to die for Him. But do we love Him enough to live for Him? Do we love Him enough to be faithful to Him?

As we prepared to leave the Aucas, they followed us to the airstrip. Rachel interpreted as I offered a word of prayer for the Aucas. I thanked God for the privilege of visiting these people whose lives had been changed by the gospel—the gospel that had been given to them by Betty Eliott and Rachel Saint, two brave soldiers of the cross.

It may never be my privilege to see the Aucas again on this earth, but because five young men believed it was better to die with a conviction than to live with a compromise, I shall walk the streets of gold with the men who killed my son and his four colleagues.